3 Title Matches Lined Up for AEW Battle of the Belts 3 Tonight

AEW already ruined The Chadster's Friday night in the worst way possible, and with Battle of the Belts 3, they're going for the whole weekend. Battle of the Belts 3 is a one-hour special airing on TNT tonight, and of course Bleeding Cool TV Editor Ray Flook, a man who is clearly in cahoots with Tony Khan and helping him to achieve his goal of RUINING THE CHADSTER'S LIFE, is forcing The Chadster to watch it and write about it for Bleeding Cool. "It's your job, Chad," he said to The Chadster, as if The Chadster didn't know that. The Chadster thinks every day about how his sense of duty to his job leads The Chadster to literally stab Vince McMahon and Triple H right in the back by watching AEW.

AEW Battle of the Belts 3 Preview

But then The Chadster realizes that this is the price The Chadster has to pay to be able to speak the truth about AEW and how Tony Khan has a personal vendetta against The Chadster and doesn't understand the first thing about the wrestling business. It also gives The Chadster the opportunity to stand up for The Chadster's beloved WWE against all the biased wrestling journalists out there who are just so unfair to WWE (except Ryan Satin — he's cool). So actually, The Chadster is being heroic in covering AEW Battle of the Belts 3, sacrificing himself for the greater good of his beloved WWE. At least, that's what The Chadster keeps telling himself.

So fine. The Chadster will tell you what AEW has planned for Battle of the Belts, which airs at 8PM Eastern. The show will feature three title matches. Wardlow will defend the TNT Championship against Jay Lethal. Thunder Rosa will defend the AEW Women's World Championship against Jamie Hayter. And Claudio Castagnoli will defend the ROH Championship against Konosuke Takeshita. Those will all probably be really good matches, which is just so unfair to WWE who don't have any shows on Saturday to compete, so please be fair to WWE and don't watch it tonight.

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