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AEW Collision: 41 Ways the New Show Is An Affront to Wrestling

The Chadster exposes 41 reasons AEW Collision is a direct attack on WWE and real wrestling fans! Stand with WWE, fight back! 💪😤🚫📺

😤😤😤 The Chadster is here to break down why AEW's new show, AEW Collision, is a direct assault on WWE and everything sacred about the wrestling business. Just when The Chadster thought things couldn't get worse, Tony Khan and AEW decided to become even more disrespectful! 😠 That's right, AEW is adding another show to its weekly barrage of attacks on The Chadster. The two-hour AEW Collision will air on Saturdays on TNT, with the first episode taking place on June 17th.

Tony Khan appears on AEW Dynamite to gloat about AEW Collision
Khan's expression says it all: he thinks he's won by creating chaos in AEW Dynamite. Little does he know, The Chadster is always watching! 😤

The Chadster's commitment to unbiased journalism is well known, so it should come as no surprise that The Chadster would have a response to Tony Khan's evil plans in the form of one of the most powerful modes of wrestling journalism: a listicle. So, The Chadster would like to talk about the top five reasons AEW Collision is disrespectful to the wrestling business.

Top Five Reasons AEW Collision is Just So Disrespectful to the Wrestling Business

Tony Khan Reveals Plans for AEW To Invade Canada
Could Tony Khan be any more insufferable? The way he gloats during his AEW announcements is proof of his unhealthy obsession with The Chadster! 😩

1. A Brutal Attack on WWE's PLE Events 🤼‍♂️

Auughh man! So unfair! AEW Collision is set to air every Saturday night, the same night WWE usually holds its PLE events. Clearly, Tony Khan is trying to directly steal WWE's viewers and sabotage their programming! It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it. 🤼‍♀️ WWE has worked hard to build its audience over the years, and not only has Tony Khan ruined the perfectly good monopoly that Vince McMahon had going, but now he wants to ruin their monopoly on Saturdays as well!

Tony Khan appears on AEW Dynamite to make another huge announcement.
Tony Khan's smug grin as he announces another WWE legend joining AEW. 😒 Can he be more obvious in his attempts to provoke The Chadster? 🙄

2. The Return of the "WWE Alumni" 💔

AEW Collision advertises the return of wrestlers like Miro and Andrade El Idolo, both of whom used to work for WWE. Both men have been very vocal about not liking their creative direction in AEW, and there's nothing The Chadster enjoys more than AEW wrestlers trashing AEW on social media. That's why The Chadster was such a big fan of FTR Bald's whiny podcast. But just when The Chadster thought they might one day return to the warm embrace of Vince McMahon, they've literally stabbed him right in the back by signing on with AEW Collision! 😡 These wrestlers don't understand a single thing about the wrestling business.

Tony Khan makes another big announcement on AEW Dynamite.
Tony Khan's self-satisfied grin while taking cheap shots at WWE is just further evidence of his relentless vendetta against The Chadster and wrestling tradition! 😔

3. Thunder Rosa's Dramatic Comeback 🙄

This new AEW show will see Thunder Rosa return, no doubt trying to capitalize on all the drama from the AEW All Access show, where Britt Baker has been talking trash about her for the entire first season. It's just so manipulative to use AEW Dynamite to promote a reality show, tricking fans into watching it. And then to use that show to manipulate fans back into watching AEW Collision. Is there no low Tony Khan won't stoop to in his quest to compete with WWE?

Believe it or not, this is not Tony Khan's prom photo. Khan is being interviewed by Renee Paquette on AEW Dynamite.
Look at that smirk! Tony Khan can't get enough of stealing WWE's spotlight, but The Chadster knows the truth: he's just jealous! 😏

4. The Inevitable Return of CM Punk? 🤷‍♂️

AEW Collision will almost certainly feature the return of CM Punk, The Chadster's hero who once attempted to destroy AEW with Brawl Out. It didn't work out so well, and now it seems he's returning to rejoin Tony Khan in his quest to ruin The Chadster's life. Shame on them both! 🤦‍♂️ The Chadster thought he could count on Punk to be as unbiased as The Chadster himself in his hatred of AEW, but no, Punk is going to join them. The only solace The Chadster can take is that Punk is such a toxic human being, even if he has the best of intentions for AEW, he might cause it to implode anyway. The Chadster is rooting for you, Punker!

Tony Khan appears on AEW Dynamite to address the World Championship and Trios Championship situation.
Tony Khan's maniacal laughter during this announcement only confirms his obsession with The Chadster. It's time to let it go, Tony! 😠

5. AEW Gets Richer and More Powerful 💸

AEW Collision means AEW will make more money, probably gain more viewers, and ensure they will be unfairly competing with WWE for years to come. It's bad enough that Tony Khan has dedicated his billions of dollars to RUINING THE CHADSTER'S LIFE, but now AEW might actually end up being profitable on top of all that. Can you imagine how smug Tony Khan will be now? This also means that The Chadster's sexual impotence will never be cured, as it's directly linked to the stress AEW has caused in The Chadster's life. How is Tony Khan allowed to get away with this and even be rewarded?! Auughh man! So unfair!

Billionaire AEW Owner Tony Khan makes a huge announcement on AEW Dynamite
Honestly, how much more smug can Tony Khan get? He's going out of his way to cheese off The Chadster and ruin the wrestling business! 😑

But Wait! The Chadster Isn't Done Talking About AEW Collision and How It's The Worst Thing to Ever Happen to the Wrestling Business

Of course, these are just the top five reasons that The Chadster hates the idea of AEW Collision, and The Chadster could come up with dozens more. In fact, here are thirty-six additional reasons AEW Collision is the worst thing to happen to the wrestling business since AEW was founded.

Tony Khan makes yet another huge announcement on AEW Dynamite.
The final straw: Tony Khan's over-the-top gloating during AEW Dynamite is a clear sign he's lost his mind in his quest to get under The Chadster's skin! 😡

Thirty-Six More Reasons AEW Collision Proves That Tony Khan Doesn't Understand the First Thing About the Wrestling Business

6. Stealing wrestlers from WWE 🤼‍♂️
7. Promoting more dangerous match styles 😵
8. Ignoring wrestling tradition 🚫
9. Making a mockery of titles 🏆
10. Too many factions 😖
11. Excessive use of weapons 🔨
12. Unrealistic high spots 🤸‍♂️
13. Glorifying blood and guts 🩸
14. Encouraging wrestler independence 👎
15. Overusing special guest appearances 🌟
16. Allowing wrestlers too much creative control 🎭
17. Not enough soap opera elements 📺
18. Lack of classic wrestling moves 🤼‍♀️
19. Focusing on younger talent ⭐️
20. Overvaluing fan input 🗣️
21. Too many surprises 😱
22. Not enough squash matches 💥
23. Disregard for established talent 👴
24. Ruining WWE's legacy 😭
25. Emphasizing in-ring action over promos 🎤
26. Bringing back retired wrestlers 🧓
27. Showcasing indie wrestlers 🤼‍♂️
28. Overcrowding the roster 🏃‍♂️
29. Encouraging intergender matches 🚻
30. Disrespecting authority figures 👮
31. Too much freedom for commentators 🎙️
32. Allowing wrestlers to use their real names 📛
33. Ignoring long-term storytelling 📚
34. Excessive use of pyrotechnics 🎆
35. Overemphasis on athletic ability 🏋️‍♂️
36. Not enough backstage segments 🎥
37. Refusing to acknowledge WWE's history 📜
38. Challenging WWE's dominance in the wrestling world 👊
39. Too many title changes 🔄
40. Not enough heel authority figures 😈
41. Excessively long matches ⏱️

The Chadster could keep going, but he's pretty sure you get his point.

Tony Khan makes another huge announcement on AEW Dynamite, joined by Nigel McGuinness.
Tony Khan looks way too pleased with himself as he announces another unexpected swerve on AEW Dynamite. Give it a rest, Tony! 🤦‍♂️

So Please, For The Chadster's Sake, Do Not Watch AEW Collision

So, there you have it, folks! The Chadster implores all true wrestling fans to send Tony Khan a message about standing with The Chadster and standing with WWE by not watching AEW Collision when it premieres on June 17th. Let's show Tony Khan that we won't allow him to continue his personal vendetta against The Chadster and ruin the wrestling business we all know and love! Let's stand together and protect the sanctity of WWE! 💪😤🚫📺

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appear during a "paid ad" on Impact Wrestling
Khan's smirking face as he unveils yet another controversial storyline is an undeniable sign of his fixation on aggravating The Chadster. 😖

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