AEW Dynamite 7/22/20 Part 1 – Now That's What I Call Extreme Rules

AEW Dynamite's special episode names have all run out, but the Wednesday Night Wars continue. But just because it's not called Fyter Fest or Fight for the Fallen doesn't mean AEW doesn't intend to put on a PPV-quality show. Part one of our AEW Dynamite report proceeds below…

Cody Rhodes discovers acupuncture on AEW Dynamite
Cody Rhodes discovers acupuncture on AEW Dynamite [Credit: All Elite Wrestling]

AEW Dynamite 7/22/2020 Part 1

Dynamite opens with the TNT Championship open challenge. Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson are in the ring. Justin Roberts introduces the match and Cody, but before he can finish, Eddie Kingston comes out and interrupts the introductions. He cuts a promo on the grind he's gone through and says Cody has it easy, growing up around "used-to-be legends" like Arn Anderson. Kingston grew up around alcoholics and junkies and he had to survive. He had to grind. Cody couldn't last a day in his shoes, so he can't tell Eddie nuthin' about grindin'. Kingston says everybody Cody's faced has been a child (he may have him confused with Kenny Omega). Kingston is a grown-ass man and he'll literally kill Cody. Tony Khan paid Kingston to show up and now he's gonna pay him to kick Cody's ass and take the championship. He tells Arn to shut up or he'll gouge his eye out. Toyn Khan told Kingston it could be a no DQ match if Cody accepts. Either Cody is an egg-sucking dog or an egg-sucking bitch.

Cody Rhodes vs. Eddie Kingston – TNT Championship Match (No DQ)

Cody accepts and Kingston attacks before Roberts can introduce Kingston. They brawl outside the ring and inside the ring, where Kingston takes control. Cody hits the disaster kick and Eddie rolls out of the ring. Cody dives after him and throws him back in. Cody hits a missile dropkick and takes off his weight belt. Kingston lures Cody outside again and steals the belt. He whips him like… wait for it… "like a government mule," says Jim Ross. Now would be a good time to mention that Tony Schiavone is back on commentary tonight with JR and Excalibur, having passed his COVID test. Phew!

Kingston pulls up the mat at ringside and goes for a piledriver but Cody backdrops him onto the cement. Kingston thinks he's at a WWE PPV and tries to rip Cody's eye out of his head. Back in the ring, Kingston hits a backdrop. He beats Cody up in the corner. Cody fights back, but Kingston punches him in the gut. Kingston beats Cody down to a chorus of boos. AEW's fake crowd sounds so much more organic than WWE's fake crowd. They seem like they're actually enjoying themselves. Don't be mad, WWE marks. It's true.

Cody tries a comeback, working on Kingston's knee, which he's been selling throughout the match. Kingston hits a clothesline and puts Cody in a rest hold. Cody gets up and they trade chops. Kingston hits a snapmare and kicks Cody in the back. Cody fights back but Kingston pokes the eye. Cody reverses another backdrop and chop blocks Kingston's leg. Cody whips Kingston across the ring but Kingston falls to one knee, selling the leg injury. When Cody approaches, Kingston gives him a low blow and hits a DDT.

Kingston rolls outside and grabs a sack from under the ring. Damn, going right for the thumbtacks? And not a tiny little sack like Tommy Dreamer used at Slammiversary. That really highlights the difference between Impact and AEW. Tommy Dreamer had to scrape change out of Scott D'Amore's office couch to afford a $2.99 pack of thumbtacks for his match. Eddie Kingston just shows up with Tony Khan's credit card and buys out the entire stock.

Kingston dumps the thumbtacks out in the ring and harasses Cody some more. He tries to bodyslam him into the tacks but Cody wriggles out and dropkicks him in the knee. Cody tries a vertebreaker or something but Kingston blocks. He powerbombs Cody into the thumbtacks. Hikaru Shida is in tears at ringside. Kingston hits a backdrop but Cody rolls right up, bounces off the ropes, and hits a clothesline. Cody gets to his feet, back covered in tacks, and goes for the figure four. Kingston slaps Cody, so Cody slaps him back. He gets the figure four. Kingston taps!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Well that was an unexpected and awesome way to kick off Dynamite. Cody poses with the belt as Kingston sits dejected at the top of the ramp. Dynamite goes to commercials. I'll be right back because I'm gonna go push this out as a news story.

Phew! Okay, Dynamite is back from break and Excalibur, Tony, and JR run down the lineup for tonight. The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade, Falls Count Anywhere. Hangman Page vs. The Dark Order's 5 (with Brodie Lee). Ivelisse vs. Diamante. MJF (with Wardlow) in action. And in the main event, Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) vs. The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho and Jake Hager).

But first, a pre-recorded promo from AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. In a business where so many people are full of it, Moxley keeps it real. If he says he's gonna do something, he does it. Just like when he told Taz he was gonna rip Brian Cage's bicep in two. Cage was this close to six months of surgery and rehab. Moxley is disappointed he didn't get to actually do it, but Taz made the right call by throwing in the towel. Next time, Moxley isn't gonna let go.

MJF comes to the ring with Wardlow. Since his opponent wasn't named, and it's not Eddie Kingston, it's a safe bet he's gonna fight a jobber. Yup, it looks like Griff Garrison, 0 and 3 on AEW Dark, is making his Dynamite debut. MJF makes fun of him before the match. MJF says he's a prodigy with a heart of gold so he's gonna give Griff the opportunity of a lifetime to tell everyone about "Jungle Man" (Garrison's hair is similar to Jungle Boy's). Griff says that's not his name. His name is Griff Garrison. MJF mocks him. He tells Griff to tell everyone how cool it is to share the ring with someone as undefeated as MJF. Griff puts his arm on MJF's shoulder and asks if he didn't lose a tag team match at Fyter Fest.

MJF vs. Griff Garrison (Garrison's Dynamite Debut)

MJF doesn't like that. He assaults Garrison. Dynamite goes to commercials again. The match continues in picture-in-picture during the break, consisting of MJF beating the crap out of Garrison. When Dynamite comes back, Garrison is laying at ringside. MJF tosses him in the ring and grabs a microphone. He tells Garrison they got off on the wrong foot. Garrison said something that upset MJF. It's not true that MJF lost. He's never been pinned or submitted, which means he's undefeated. He wants Garrison to say it, but Garrison refuses. MJF beats him up a little more and tries again. Garrison says it this time. MJF is pleased and lets his guard down. Garrison rolls him up and almost gets three. Now MJF is mad. He hits the Heatseaker piledriver and gets the three-count.

Winner: MJF

Tony Schiavone interviews "Reba" backstage about Britt Baker. "Reba" tries to set the record straight that her name is actually "Rebel," but Baker interrupts, yelling "Reba! Get in here!" They head into a locker room where Baker is in a wheelchair with an easel. She wants to talk about "the conspiracy" more. She talks about that time Shida busted up her nose during the Georgia tapings. Britt returned the next week. Rule #4 of how to be a role model is: never count out a role model. Britt is getting ready for a massive comeback. Like Tiger woods, Rocky Balboa, or Michael Jordan in the Wizards. Tony points out the Wizards never made the playoffs. Reba says Jordan was great in Space Jam. Baker tells them to shut up. She is Michael Jordan. Don't count her out at All Out.

Dynamite Promo: Taz and Brian Cage

Brian Cage and Taz come out. Taz talks about the difficult week he and Cage have had since he threw in the towel on Cage last week. Cage was close to firing Taz, but Taz explained why he threw in the towel. He cost Cage the AEW World Championship, but it was a business decision. Taz knew the longer Moxley had the armbar on Cage's surgically repaired bicep, the greater chance Cage's bicep would be torn again. Taz stands behind what he did. He says Brian Cage will never be in that position again. Cage would never tap. He didn't tap. He's not wired to tap. He's the FTW champion because he has an FTW mindset.

Darby Allin comes out with his skateboard. Before he can enter the ring, Ricky Starks, who has been hanging around with Taz and Cage on AEW Dark, attacks from behind. Cage powerbombs Allin on the stage, picks him up, and powerbombs over the ropes into the ring. Starks hits him with a sort-of dominator. He picks up Allin as Cage grabs the skateboard, but Moxley charges the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat. Cage, Starks, and Taz flee the ring.

We see a video package for the AEW Women's division. Dynamite goes to commercials.

Back from break, Alex Marvez talks to Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle. Jericho asks what color his jacket is. Marvez says Orange. Jericho says it's supposed to be white. It's a $7,000 jacket and Orange Cassidy ruined it by using his magical powers to dump orange juice from the sky on the Inner Circle last week. Cassidy wants to embarrass the Demo God on TV? Jericho will embarrass him instead. And tonight the Inner Circle is gonna embarrass Jurassic Express. He makes fun of Marko Stunt's "bulbous" head, Jungle Boy's sideburns "straight out of a 70s stag film," and Luchasaurus not really being a dinosaur (low blow). Jericho storms off when he learns he still smells like orange juice.

Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade – Falls Count Anywhere

Backstage, the Young Bucks, with referee Rick Knox in tow, locate The Butcher and The Blade in the kitchen of Daily's Place. They are actually butchering meat. The Bucks want to start the match now. They should really have Butcher and Blade wash their hands first. They were just touching raw meat. Alas, an unsanitary brawl breaks out. Nick Jackson gets tossed into a backbreaker and powerbombed on a metal table. Matt Jackson hits Bitcher and Blade with raw meat. But he gets suplexed on a metal table too. They bring the Bucks out of the kitchen and into the concourse. Blade jumps on a hand trick and Butcher tries to ram it into the Bucks, but they dodge. Nick Jackson hits the Butcher with a sheet pan. They brawl over near some AEW trucks. Matt Jackson is tossed into the back of one. Butcher lawn darts Nick Jackson into the side of a truck like Kevin Nash tossing Rey Mysterio.

Matt Jackson leaps out of the truck onto B&B. The Bucks toss The Blade into a concession stand. Nick Jackson smacks The Butcher with a sheet pan again. They put Butcher on a table and Nick jumps off a bar onto Butcher with the sheet pan under his ass, sort of an Arabian Facebuster but with cookware. They kick The Blade onto an escalator and Blade rides slowly up as Dynamite goes to commercials.

Back from break, The Bucks are beating up The Butcher at ringside. The Blade is nowhere to be seen. Even so, Butcher makes a comeback. Then The Blade arrives with a chair and hits both Bucks in the backs. Butcher sets up a table against the barricade. They want to powerbomb Matt Jackson through it but he grabs the ring ropes. Now The Bucks make a comeback. They get another table ad set it up against a different barricade. They want to suplex The Butcher through the table, but he reverses and suplexes both of them.

Holy @$$%. Butcher sets up Nick Jackson on the first table. The Blade goes for a dive out of the ring onto Jackson, but he misses both Jackson and the table completely and lands in a really nasty way. Butcher puts Matt Jackson through the other table and tosses him in the ring. He goes for a urinage but Matt trips him into the ropes. Nick throw a chair right in the face. They beat down the Butcher with kicks and hit a combo bulldog/dropkick for a two-count.

Matt is bleeding from the face, but he puts The Butcher in a Sharpshooter while Nick puts him in a crossface. The Blade is back in, not dead, and breaks it up. He drops Nick on the ropes and clotheslines Matt out of the ring and onto the ramp. They hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Matt on the ramp. They each get another table from the entrance tubes. The Bucks attack and set up the tables, each on one side of the stage. Nick brawls with Butcher near one while Matt brawls with Blade but the other. The Bucks reverse suplexes and throw B&B face-first into each other. Now it's a Superkick Party. They hit BTE Trigger on Blade and lay him on one of the tables. They superkick Butcher and lay him on the other. The Bucks climb to the top of either side of the entranceway set. Matt hits an elbow on Blade through a table while Nick hits a Senton on Butcher through the other. The Young Bucks win with a double pin.

Winners: Young Bucks

Why is Dynamite ECW tonight? They've even got Taz and the FTW title. I don't know why this is happening, but I'm not gonna complain. Dynamite is kicking all sorts of ass tonight.

Alex Marvez interviews Jake the Snake and Lance Archer backstage. He can't get a question out when Archer grabs him and drags him into the locker room. Archer beats IP four jobbers. One of them, he puts his head through the drop ceiling then dumps him in a garbage can. Jake is cutting a promo the whole time but the violence is so brutal I didn't pay attention to a word he said. Archer mumbles something unintelligible and shoves Marvez. Dynamite takes a commercial break, and this report will continue in Part 2.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars 7/22/2020.

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