AEW Dynamite Beats WWE NXT as Ratings and Viewership Fall

Chalk up another victory for AEW Dynamite in the Wednesday Night Ratings Wars. Dynamite defeated NXT in both ratings and viewership once again, though both shows saw their viewership and demo ratings drop compared to last week. For Dynamite, that meant falling out of the top five for a number nine ranking in the top 150 cable shows. For NXT, that meant falling all the way down to number sixty-five.

Ratings and Viewership Fall as AEW Dynamite Beats WWE NXT
MJF gloats over another AEW Dynamite ratings victory. [Credit: AEW]

AEW Dynamite Drops in Demo and Viewership

AEW Dynamite scored a .32 rating with 792,000 viewers, down from last week's pandemic-era high of 901,000 viewers and .36 rating in the 18-49 demo. That's a big drop of over 100,000 viewers, though last week was an unusually high number. AEW and NXT had both the NBA, NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Real Housewives to compete against on Wednesday.

The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.
The official logo for AEW or All Elite Wrestling.

WWE NXT Also Drops in Demo and Viewership

NXT fell from 753,000 viewers last week to 619,000 viewers, an even bigger drop than Dynamite. In the demo, NXT fell from .20 in 18-49 to .16, half of Dynamite's demo rating. God damn it!

The official logo for NXT.
The official logo for NXT.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

To say that I'm disappointed in this result would be an understatement. I was so mad when I saw the numbers on ShowBuzz Daily that I took a hammer and smashed all the AEW Unrivaled action figures I had just bought. My wife, Keighleyanne, was like "what did you do that for Chad, you just made me drive an hour and a half to the Walmart in Pittsburgh to find these damn things" and I was like "shut up Keighleyanne you know you love taking a long ride in the Miata" and now she won't talk to me anymore. And whose fault is that? AEW's.

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