"AEW Dynamite": Chris Jericho & Vanguard 1 Need Their Own Spinoff

Another week of home lockdown, another week of "live-ish" wrestling – and to AEW's credit, this young company has done an excellent job of navigating Dynamite through both the wrestling world as a new company, and in these trying real-world times. Every week we've gotten some amazing matches, and some downright amazing surprises. Cody Rhodes has shown through all of this that he is a natural leader, and every performer has gone above and beyond these past few weeks.

But there are two performers who've been downright incredible.

One storyline that has really captured the imagination, and hearts, of everyone watching.

aew dynamite

Chris Jericho and Vanguard 1.

This ongoing saga between Jericho and this all mighty drone has really been the best parts of AEW every week — a feat that isn't easy to do with how much talent AEW has. Yet Jericho's longin need to have this drone be one of his buddies has been so damn entertaining that everything else on the show pales in comparison – and that's saying a lot.

A lot of the charm with this promo lands squarely on the fact that Jericho can sell water to the ocean. He's been doing this for years, so it's no wonder that he can sell this storyline. This week we have Jericho relaxing in his hot tub, within the Jericho compound. Jericho is enjoying a little but of the bubbly while comparing The Elite to the character in Tiger King. And then he's interrupted by that buzzing little buddy — Vanguard 1.

Jericho is wearing jeans and a belt in his hot tub. What the hell?!?

As Jericho attempts to apologize to Vanguard 1 — in dripping wet jeans, while holding a bottle of bubbly — Jericho hands Vanguard 1 a child size Inner Circle shirt. Vanguard 1 then flies away, causing Jericho to release the hounds; which in this case have to be the happiest looking group of various dogs to ever grace a wrestling show. As Vanguard 1 flies off into the sunset, Jericho cries out that he will get his hands on Vanguard 1 – and vengeance will likely be had.

The rest of AEW Dynamite was great. Special shout out to Austin Gunn, one of the nicest guys in wrestling right now. It's always good to see him (and his dad) getting screen time!

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