"Aggretsuko" Season 2 Dials Up Retsuko's Death Metal-Loving Life to 11 [TRAILER]

This week, Netflix unleashed the second-season trailer for Aggretsuko upon an unsuspecting streaming society – and from what you are about to see for yourselves in the video below, things are really starting to heat up (sometimes, literally) in the life of our Death Metal Karaoke-loving red panda:

Quick Recap of "Aggretsuko" Season 1

In Season 1, we met Retsuko, a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed twentysomething starting her new job as an office lady in a corporation. What she finds is adult life… sucks. Her boss is a mean, sexist pig. Her co-workers are passive-aggressive gossips and backstabbers. Work is an endless series of micro- and macro-aggressions. Stress becomes the default state. What's a girl to do for relief?

Why, scream Death Metal karaoke at the local karaoke club after work… of course!

By the end of the first season, Retsuko has found some balance: she makes friends and allies amongst some senior executives who help her navigate the workplace. She gets a boyfriend (who may or may not suit her). She discovers social media and 'gramming, while a co-worker develops a secret crush on her.

Retsuko discovers – along with the rest of us – adulting is hard.

Aggretsuko became a hit on Netflix last year by tapping into millennial angst about slaving at corporations in Late Capitalism. She became the avatar for every twentysomething stressing out over work and life. She's underpaid and overworked and just wants to fit in. She is all of us. It's amazing that Sanrio (the company that created and owns Hello Kitty) could turn out a set of cute cartoon animals who represent the times as completely as Retsuko and her friends do.


What's in Store for "Aggretsuko" Season 2?

From the looks of the trailer, the second season will be throwing even more things to torture Retsuko. Life pressures! The next stage in twentysomething adulthood! Marriage! Meeting the future in-laws! Pressure from her parents! Should she really get married? The boss who's still a horrible pig? That co-worker who's secretly in love with her?

Parental pressure! Peer pressure! Boyfriend pressure! Patriarchal pressure on young women to conform, marry and settle down!

What's a Death Metal karaoke-loving career gal to do?

Why, scream out more Death Metal karaoke at the local karaoke bar and hope things turn out for the best… I suppose?


Aggretsuko Season 2 premieres on Netflix on June 14th.

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