Aggretsuko Season 3 Trailer Promises More Angst Heavier Metal

Aggretsuko Season 3 Trailer Promises More Angst, Heavier Metal

She’s nearly back! Netflix released the trailer for season 3 of Aggretsuko ahead of its August 27th premiere Everybody’s favorite funny animal embodiment of living under Late Capitalism is coming back to provide catharsis for our anxiety-ridden times This may be the third season on Netflix, but the show has actually been running since 2016[...]

Aggretsuko Season 3: Anime Rocks Out With Its Fox Out This August

Aggretsuko Season 3: Anime Rocks Out With Its Fox Out This August

Good things come to those who wait, and Netflix finally announced the premiere date of everyone’s favorite avatar for the existential hell that is Capitalism, Aggretsuko The third season of the animated satire will premiere on the streaming service on August 27th! "Aggretsuko" (short for “aggressive Retsuko”) is the story of Retsuko, an earnest 20-something[...]

Funkoverse Game Series Launched Expansions Coming

"Funkoverse" Game Series Launched, Expansions Coming

Hey there Funko POP! fans, get ready – there's a new game series coming out for your entertainment! The Funkoverse Strategy Board Game is designed for two-to-four players, at ages ten and up. The core box, which prominently features four POP!-ified character pieces from DC Comics's Batman, also has two basic characters (not shown), two maps […]

Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives: Spongebob Aggretsuko Godzilla and More

Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives: Spongebob, Aggretsuko, Godzilla, and More

Aggretsuko, Spongebob, and a Chia Pet Dunny will also be available All are extremely limited and will be available as a first come, first served basis Check them out below!Aggretsuko serves up her signature rage in red glow-in-the-dark vinyl with the new San Diego Comic Con Exclusive vinyl art figure from Kidrobot and Sanrio[...]

Aggretsuko: Meet Rarecho &#038 Yeti in Surreal Netflix BTS Interview [VIDEO]

"Aggretsuko": Meet Rarecho & Yeti in Surreal Netflix BTS Interview [VIDEO]

To celebrate the success of the second season of Aggretsuko and draw more attention to it, Netflix released a very surreal behind-the-scenes promo video.Aggretsuko (an abbreviation of “aggressive Retsuko”) is a cute red panda who is the spirit animal of stressed-out millennials in the workplace everywhere She’s a twentysomething Office Lady who just wants to[...]

Aggretsuko Season 2 Dials Up Retsukos Death Metal-Loving Life to 11 [TRAILER]

"Aggretsuko" Season 2 Dials Up Retsuko's Death Metal-Loving Life to 11 [TRAILER]

This week, Netflix unleashed the second-season trailer for Aggretsuko upon an unsuspecting streaming society - and from what you are about to see for yourselves in the video below, things are really starting to heat up (sometimes, literally) in the life of our Death Metal Karaoke-loving red panda: Quick Recap of "Aggretsuko" Season 1 In Season 1,[...]

Aggretsuko Season 2: Anime Favorite Gets Netflix Premiere Date New Images

'Aggretsuko' Season 2: Anime Favorite Gets Netflix Premiere Date, New Images

Netflix teased, then spilled the premiere date for the second season of cult funny animal anime Aggretsuko - and gave fans some new images to celebrate the occasion.Aggretsuko is a young red panda who works a stressful, demeaning job as an office lady Her boss is literally a sexist pig Her superiors and co-workers make[...]

BC Toy Spotting: Lion King BTS Power Rangers Detective Pikachu Game of Thrones and More

BC Toy Spotting: Lion King, BTS, Power Rangers, Detective Pikachu, Game of Thrones, and More!

They also have the new 10 inch Aggretsuko available.Target also has a neat Captain Marvel collectibles and apparel box mystery box Well, it has what's in it on the front So not a mystery Still cool though![gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1021527,1021526,1021529,1021528"]Barnes and Noble has the LEGO Disney Duplo Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures, along with McFarlane[...]

Kidrobot Introduces Two New Aggretsuko Figures More to Come

Kidrobot Introduces Two New Aggretsuko Figures, More to Come

Aggretsuko and Kidrobot are teaming up for a new line of figures to be revealed throughout 2019 The first two will be calm and rage There is also a plush face pillow available This is all ahead of this years big season 2 debut These figures will retail for $39.99 each and can be ordered[...]

Funko Round-Up: London Toy Fair Reveals

Funko Round-Up: London Toy Fair Reveals!

The Pops on the Iron Throne are particularly awesome looking.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="975203,975202,975196,975195"]Anime fans have another wave of Dragon Ball Z Pops to track down, while the first Aggretsuko Pops will be hitting stores soon.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="975200,975201,975197,975198"]The DC Primal Age figures have begun to hit Target stores, and the second wave of figures was[...]

Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Vote on Best and Brightest in Japanese Animation

Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Vote on Best and Brightest in Japanese Animation

This year, new categories included are Best Performance by a Voice Actor (Japanese and English), Best Character Design, Best Director, and Best Fight Scene. The Crunchyroll community is invited to share their picks on social using #AnimeAwards.Voting is currently underway and will remain open until Friday, January 18th at 11:59PM PT--and anime fans can make their voices heard[...]