BCTV Daily Dispatch 2 June 2021: Lucifer Loves Lucifer; Titans Finale

Turn up the lights in here, baby. Extra bright, we want y'all to see this. Turn up the lights in here, baby. You know what we need, want you to see everything. Want you to see all of the… BCTV Daily Dispatch! With two scoops of musical respect to Kanye West and Rihanna, welcome back to our daily rewind of what's been going down across the television, cable, and streaming side of the pop culture landscape over the past 24 hours. Joining some of our mainstays from yesterday are the Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson sending some love out to The Sandman's choice of Gwendoline Christie as their Lucifer (basically, Lucifer squared?), Hell's Kitchen returns for its 20th season, and The X-Files made a bad NYCC 2013 impression.

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We also have the "BCTV Rewind" with a selection of curated articles more than worth your time that you may have missed the first time around. Finally, we take a break from our trips throughout TV history for our first look at some "BCTV Weird" for a better appreciation for the MTV2 greatness that was 2005's Wonder Showzen– then we wrap things up with today's "Random Thought" and this goes out to the Emmy voters out there (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Now here's a look at today's BCTV's 10/24 Rundown:

10. The Sandman: Lucifer Showrunners Excited About Gwendoline Christie

9. Hell's Kitchen Season 20: Meet The Young Guns; Episode 1 Previews

8. A Look at The Nevers & Its Unexpected Parallels to Penny Dreadful

7. Doctor Who Star Tom Baker's The Curator Returns for UNIT: Nemesis

6. The Truth May Be Out There, But It Wasn't At NYCC 2013: Opinion

5. Cobra Kai: Why Young Nariyoshi Miyagi Prequel Should Be Explored

4. Save Prodigal Son! Then Consider These 5 Season 3-Saving Ideas

3. The Boys Aren't Lovin' It: Vought's New Burger A Walking Heart Attack

2. Prodigal Son Update: Warner Bros. TV Group Confirms "Conversations"

1. Doctor Who: Barrowman Thanks Fans for "Countless Messages of Support"

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And here are a few more articles to add to your reading lists- ranging from Batwoman, Holey Moley!, Loki, and Sweet Tooth previews to some good news for Outlander fans, key art for Star Wars: The Bad Batch fans, a new name for the Discovery and WarnerMedia merger, AEW's plans for Mark Henry, The Walking Dead coming home, and HBO Max's Titans starting filming on the Season 3 finale:

The Backyardigans "Castaways" Pure Bossa Nova Banger & Here's Why

Batwoman Season 2 E15 Preview: Tragedy Leads to Game-Changing Moves

Holey Moley 3D In 2D Teaser: New Holes, New Warriors & Same Dimension

Outlander Season 6 in Early 2022, 8 Eps; Extended Season 7 with 16 Eps

Loki Teaser: Guess What The God of Mischief Finds So "Adorable"?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Throws Some Key Art Poster Love Cid's Way

Discovery-WarnerMedia Proposed Merger Name, Slogan Revealed

Sweet Tooth Preview: Gus's Exploring Doesn't Make His Dad Too Happy

Titans DoP Mojsovski Confirms Season 3 Finale Start, S03E13 Director

AEW Reveals Details on Mark Henry Signing, Future Plans

The Walking Dead Season 10 Hits Blu-ray & DVD This July; S11 Preview

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Created by Vernon Chatman and John Lee, MTV2's Wonder Showzen would spend two seasons creating a children's television series for adults, and no sacred cows were spared its knives- whether it was politics, religion, war, sex, or culture, everything and anything was fair game. Need an example? Look no further than S01E04 "Diversity," where Letters and Numbers are used as an allegory for war between Israel and Palestine- with Letter J & Number 8 falling in love. But what can you expect from a show whose disclaimer begins with, "'Wonder Showzen' contains offensive, despicable content that is too controversial and too awesome for actual children. The stark, ugly and profound truths Wonder Showzen exposes may be soul-crushing to the weak of spirit. If you allow a child to watch this show, you are a bad parent or guardian." But that didn't keep familiar faces such as Flavor Flav, Dick Gregory, Amy Sedaris, Christopher Meloni, David Cross, Judah Friedlander, Amy Poehler, John Oates (of Hall & Oates fame), Rick Springfield, Zach Galifianakis, and many more from appearing. Here's just a small taste of what viewers had waiting for them with each episode:

Daily Dispatch
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Look, far be it from us to try to influence Emmy voters in any way, shape, or form. You do you. Be true to yourselves and to who you truly feel should be nominated. That said? With the Hollywood Foreign Press Association on the ropes over the Golden Globes debacle and the BAFTAs woozy from the whole Noel Clarke deal, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Emmys to prove that they are the award-giving body with an open mind and willingness to embrace different artistic avenues and viewpoints. So basically what we're saying is? Keep an open mind…

And since you're here…

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