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BCTV Daily Dispatch 7 June 2021: Fear TWD Fix, The Boys Abides & More

So, baby, pull us closer in the back seat of your Rover that we know you can't afford. Bite that tattoo on your shoulder, pull the sheets right off the corner of that mattress that you stole from your roommate back in Boulder. We ain't ever getting… the BCTV Daily Dispatch! Yup, The Chainsmokers– and with that, a righteous welcome back to our daily rewind of what's been going down across the television, cable, and streaming side of the pop culture landscape over the past 24 hours. The time around, The Boys maintains its strength while The Sandman still holds two spots. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's pants drag Dave Bautista back to the list, Doctor Who rumors debunked (maybe), Fear TWD fixes a major Fear TWD spoiler faux pas, and more.

fear twd
Fear TWD/The Boys (Images: AMC Networks/Screencap)

Following that, we have the "BCTV Rewind" with a selection of curated articles more than worth your time that you may have missed the first time around. Then we have the return of "Random TV History Stuff," just in time for our favorite "Butcher's" birthday. Finally, we throw out some more "Random Thoughts"- this time, a look at a little "Metaverse" madness.

Now here's a look at today's BCTV's 10/24 Rundown:

10. The Sandman: Lucifer Showrunners Excited About Gwendoline Christie

9. Neil Gaiman on Where to Start Sandman; Brief Delirium Casting Update

8. Cobra Kai: Paul Walter Hauser on Stingray's Status, Missing Season 3

7. Dave Bautista Claims Donald Trump Wore Diaper at WrestleMania Match

6. Psych 3 Star James Roday Rodriguez Is More Than Ready to Twist This

5. Doctor Who Series 13 Rumours That Probably Aren't True (But Could Be?)

4. Titans Season 3 AMA: More DC Characters, Doom Patrol, DickKory & More

3. The Boys: Jensen Ackles Shows Off Soldier Boy Bod; Misses SPN Flannel

2. The Boys: Jensen Ackles Posts Soldier Boy Shield; Full Reveal Monday

1. Fear the Walking Dead Update: Season 6 Finale Teaser Taken Down

fear twd

And here are a few more articles to add to your reading lists- ranging from

WWE SummerSlam Heads to Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21st

My Hero Academia Season 5 E11 Review: Match 5 Becomes "Our Brawl"

Bob's Burgers: A Love Letter To The Series That Saved My Life

Motherland: Fort Salem Season 2 Teasers, Ep Overviews Offer Clues

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 1 E02 Brings New Mysteries, Culinary Clues

With Jupiter's Legacy "Ending Prematurely", Josh Duhamel Offers Thanks

Loki Learns That Sometimes Gods Do Plead Just A Little in New Teaser

Hawkeye: David Mack Talks Echo Spinoff, Updates HBO Max "Cover" Adapt

Dark Side Season 3: Dynamite Kid Trailer Released; "Grizzly Smith" BTS

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Tawny Newsome Posts From Season 3 Recording

Pose Co-Creator Ryan Murphy Honors FX Series Ahead of Tonight's Finale

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 USS Pennsylvania Lets Strand Be Strand

fear twd

What can we say about birthday boy Karl Urban (June 7, 1972) that the actor can't easily say for himself in our favorite role of his- one in a damn impressive line-up of films. Here's a look at the best, worst, and everything in-between from Billy Butcher from the first two seasons of The Boys (with another video following of some of Butcher's best foul-mouthed lines in case there are regional issues with the first one):

Daily Dispatch

So ReedPOP unveiled its "Metaverse Membership" program and we can definitely respect where ReedPOP is coming from since the pandemic was pretty rough on business and conventions aren't cheap. That said, even from just a public relations standpoint there's no way this doesn't come across as awkwardly-timed money grab that's going to create a further divide between "haves" and "have nots." We're continuing to slide into this mindset that one's level of "geekdom" is defined by their bank account- and that's a dangerous direction to be going in.

daily dispatch

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