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From there, we offer "5 More Things"- a look at the five articles that almost made the cut. Images: AMC (Screencap) / BBC & HBO This time around, we have some Mephisto speculation, secretive Sunny, a look back at Conan's career, Bautista taking on Toyota, Edith Wilson ruling the audio dramas, The Orville talking red shirts, Fear[...]
Fear the Walking Dead Season 7: Jenna Elfman Check-In; Eps "So Strong"
But even with the production calendar being as compressed as it is, we were still pleasantly surprised to get a quick update on Fear TWD's seventh season from none other than Jenna Elfman (June Dorie) Surprising because the sixth season just wrapped up in an explosive way this past Sunday, but with the series set[...]
Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 "The Beginning" Isn't The End: Review
As if taking the concept of anthology storytelling and showing how it can effectively tell smaller, more intimate stories while still proving important to an overarching narrative wasn't impressive enough, Goldberg and Chambliss pulled an Inception on us with an anthology episode within an anthology season- and sticking the landing on both the finale and[...]
Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: A Message to AMC & Fear TWD
From the minute the episode starts, it goes places the franchise hasn't gone in a while or ever- and if there's one thing, in general, I can say about it is that it's deserving of being the finale to a game-changing season. Fear the Walking Dead (Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC) But it's for those very reasons that[...]
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This time around, Fear TWD scores with a season finale preview and penultimate episode review, Ellie Kemper apologizes, Neil Gaiman offers high praise to Netflix's adaptation, and director Boris Mojsovski, Csc shares some Titans snaps. Fear TWD (Morgan) & The Boys (Soldier Boy) – Images: AMC Networks/Amazon Prime Following that, we have the "BCTV Rewind" with a[...]
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Meanwhile, Donald Trump's pants drag Dave Bautista back to the list, Doctor Who rumors debunked (maybe), Fear TWD fixes a major Fear TWD spoiler faux pas, and more. Fear TWD/The Boys (Images: AMC Networks/Screencap) Following that, we have the "BCTV Rewind" with a selection of curated articles more than worth your time that you may have missed[...]