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Bob's Burgers: 5 Fav Episodes Show Why Linda Belcher's Our Queen

When it comes to leading moms in animated shows, Bob's Burgers gives us Linda Belcher, a mom with plenty of sass and a lot of love. Episodes that center around Linda are often filled with hilarious encounters and plenty of awesome opportunities to learn more about her character. Glimpses into her personality not only give us reasons to come back for more episodes, but they also have us appreciate how excellent of a mom and person she can be. Below are five episodes that have me laughing with Linda as she discovers new adventures and herself.

Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Linda Belcher Gives Us Joy
Linda and Bob singing about making new jobs work. Source: FOX

"Lindapendent Woman" Season 3 Episode 14: In this episode of Bob's Burgers, Linda finds herself loving a new grocery store she decides to visit for stuff for the house and restaurant. The establishment is obviously a fun riff on Trader Joe's, and seeing Linda in this environment as a customer and then an employee becomes a hilarious mess.

Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Linda Belcher Gives Us Joy
A flirty instructor tries to teach Linda to fly. Source: FOX

"Seaplane!" Season 4 Episode 3: Wishing to do more activities with Bob, Linda signs the two up for flying lessons. Bob decides he doesn't want to go, so in an effort to explore and learn more hobbies, Linda takes the opportunity and goes by herself. The kids and Bob learn about the flirty instructor who wishes to sweep Linda off her feet, yet little does he know that she won't take the bait from any creep.

Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Linda Belcher Gives Us Joy
Linda and Gayle performing for their reunion. Source: FOX

"Purple Rain-Union" Season 4 Episode 6: Reunions can be either a hit or a miss, but when it comes to high school it can often be the worst. Linda gets a taste of embarrassing flashbacks to high school days with her band, which included her sister Gayle as she is asked to play at her reunion. With the return of a more popular band, facing the facts of growing up, and discovering how you can outgrow your history makes this episode so awesome.

Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Linda Belcher Gives Us Joy
Linda's birthday gets messy. Source: FOX

"Eat, Spray, Linda" Season 5 Episode 18: We've all had bad days, and sadly bad times that should be celebratory events, but none compare to the journey of Linda in this episode. What was aiming to be a birthday surprise by her family, who needed more time to plan, becomes an effort to avoid extreme bad luck as she needs to find her way back home without a phone or the family car.

Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Linda Belcher Gives Us Joy
Gayle attempts to save Linda from an essential oil party. Source: FOX

"Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's" Season 9 Episode 11: Everyone has that friend or family member on social media that suddenly messages you or comments on a post about their side hustle. Slowly you realize it is actually for sure a pyramid scheme/multi-level marketing scheme of some sort that could suck you in. For Linda, an insanely kind woman naively accepts the opportunity to go to an "essential oil party" a woman invites her to. The kids and Gayle may attempt to pull her out, but it's harder than they would have thought.

Witnessing a character like Linda from Bob's Burgers is really cool, especially for the representation of healthy parenting and independence. And when you have such an icon in an animated show, among many other iconic characters, it can be difficult to make an episode that revolves around them that does well. But personally, in the future, I hope to see more episodes like the ones mentioned. It sucks to see big stretches of time between Linda-centered episodes, but I can only hope for future content to make up for it. Let us know any of your favorite Linda Belcher moments from Bob's Burgers!

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