Bob's Burgers: Our 5 Fav Episodes Where Louise Belcher Reigns Supreme

The personality, the sarcasm, the extreme wit of Louise Belcher, the youngest child in Bob's Burgers, are present in every episode of the loved series, but there are a couple of episodes that stick out. The unique identity given to a character like Louise is something rare to see so adored by fans, yet Bob's Burgers fans aren't like any others out there. When almost every episode feels like a comedic moment that you'd love to re-watch again and again, that's when you know you've made something special as a creator, as an animator, and especially as a writer. Kristen Schaal's voice talents fit perfectly and are in tune with the characteristics evident in Louise's character, giving Bob's Burgers such an iconic status. Below are five episodes centered around Louise that I find to be favorites of mine and ones I keep going back to watch the most.

Bob's Burgers
Louise in a fever dream in the episode "Flu-ouise". Source: FOX

"Flu-ouise" Season 7 Episode 1: This season seven opener of Bob's Burgers sees Louise deal with the troubles of the flu and her family's mistakes with her favorite toy, Kuchikopi. Full of amazing lessons learned by her, not to mention the concept of Kuchikopi's timeshare, this story is full of adventures and a lot of relatable moments for fans. Being sick can suck, but a support system like the Belchers in life is like no other.

"Topsy" Season 3 Episode 16: When Louise is determined about something, there's nothing to stand in her way. The episode revolves around a new substitute teacher that gives Louise a difficult time and refuses her volcano science project. As a creepy lover of all things Thomas Edison, he gives Louise the task of a new project on his favorite historical figure and she takes it with a grain of revenge on the teacher. I both learned something insane about Edison while watching, but I also found a favorite Bob's Burgers song in the anthem of "Electric Love".

"Slumber Party" Season 4 Episode 9: Not every kid loves a big slumber party, this very much so applies to Louise. When Lina wants her daughter to experience more and gain friends her age, she secretly plans for girls from the kids' school to come over for a slumber party. The methods Louise goes through to push the girls, one by one, closer to wanting to leave the party, is something memorable and incredibly hilarious. The episode is filled with quotable lines and an effortless amount of fun, not to mention there's the appearance of Little King Trashmouth (a loved alley raccoon).

"Poops…I Didn't Do It Again" Season 10 Episode 20: Getting over personal hurdles as a kid can be rough, from personal fears to the unknown, and Louise experiences it at the worst time. When winning, via the best test grade, a chance to feed at the shark tank on the aquarium overnight trip, things get concerning for the littlest Belcher. Bob's Burgers takes an excellent chance in hilariously exploring the small yet understandable fears of public restroom use and vulnerability as a kid. Not only is this a great connecting moment for Bob and Louise as parent and child, but it also explores Louise's character at a deeper level.

"Mother Daughter Laser Razor" Season 3 Episode 10: Linda and Louise can often be seen butting heads when it comes to what bonding means for a mother and daughter. In this episode of Bob's Burgers, exploring the rough and awkwardly funny times that can happen in life between a parent and child is looked at here. From tricking Louise into a bonding seminar to extortion from Louise, and even to a side story involving the rest of the family waxing their legs there is plenty of laughs that feel new with each watch.

Obviously, these are only a few moments that feature Louise in the grand adventure that is Bob's Burgers, but this is a great place to start if you'd like. Feel free to dive into the show and have fun with this character. Let us know in the comments any of your favorite Louise quotes or moments!

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