Bob's Burgers Season 11 Aims For That Perfect Family Photo: Review

FOX's Bob's Burgers' recent episode was a perfect reminder of how difficult it can be to get a decent family photo without professional intervention. Linda Belcher realizes that the decoration of received holiday cards has dwindled over the years and she assumes it stems from her family's lack of direction in sending out their own card. And one would think that the timing being after the holidays have ended would stop Linda from doing something about it all, but no… she's stubborn and we love her for it.

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Aims For A Perfect Family Photo: Review
The Belchers won't let this photo opportunity go. Source: Fox

From the unsuspecting travel to a park to capture a photo on the peak of the mountainside, Linda attempts to have her family pull themselves together enough for a decent photo. That may not be asking a lot, but it's never a simple task with this family.

From the continued frustration that came from Tina over a tight-fitting knit hat to her having to interrupt Gene's harmonica playing, this episode proves how much Tina makes an episode truly complete. Almost losing a camera over the edge of a cliff is terrifying, typically due to the possible price- but for Linda, it became a game of will between her and the heavy rocks. I half expected Louise's puzzle to disrupt the rock formation after being thrown in the crevice, that would have proved to have been a hilarious possible ending to this Bob's Burgers episode. But the ending ended up being absolutely perfect. When Linda gets the physical copies of her photos she gets excited over the "perfect" one captured only for a last-minute interruption and observation from Gene on something out of his pants being present in that photo. I laughed out loud with shock at that moment. The writing proves to be a continued success on the part of the writing team in this series. Let us know in the comments below if you liked this episode too!

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