Bob's Burgers Season 11 Spins a Tale of Bird Poop & Mr. Yap: Review

The recent episode of Bob's Burgers on FOX makes an experience with birds and a dentist very unique and awkward for the Belcher family. While the kids feel like they're finished with the trip to the dentist, Dr. Yap, with his oddly fancy car, visits the restaurant after a magazine from his office goes missing. While the kids realize they have the magazine and begin to panic about what to do, Bob tries to figure out how to remove a weird amount of bird poop from the top of the restaurant's main window.

Bob's Burgers Season 11 Deals With Bird Poop & Mr. Yap: Review
Bob makes a valiant attempt at cleaning. Source: FOX

Teddy does what Teddy does and flees to grab a pressure washer to help clean everything, but Bob doesn't understand patience and uses a makeshift mop to clean on his own. I can greatly relate to the lack of patience actually messing things up for me instead of helping. Bob's Burgers teaches a lesson a lot of us tend to need, to learn how to accept help. Another lesson alongside Bob's story comes from honesty about how you feel with your family like Gene ends up doing.

Gene takes responsibility after an attempt to return the magazine to Yap's car doesn't completely succeed. Bob's Burgers does a good job at exploring true intentions from Gene's actions in a way that I'd hoped for from previous episodes. It was a great moment combined with Teddy's tears of joy from cleaning the window with the pressure washer. It was exciting to see Dr. Yap back in an episode, but I would have hoped for more from the interactions, something that screamed odd and absurd like past episodes with the eccentric dentist. The inclusion of such a character in episode 20 of the eleventh season of Bob's Burgers is nice but I wish it occurred sooner. Overall, the episode was a lot of fun, especially with Tina's commentary on the fox in the magazine, and I'd watch it again but maybe after some other favorites that include Dr. Yap.

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