Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Why Adrian Pimento Deserves His Own Spinoff

Barring any last-minute plans to put Brooklyn Nine-Nine on another network home or the NBC Universal streamer Peacock, season eight will be the last. I suggest a suitable next step should involve one of the most popular characters in Adrian Pimento, played by Jason Mantzoukas because the spinoff can open up new doors for the sitcom in so many ways that can not only meet but also potentially exceed the original series. To recap the character's biography, he was a detective with the Nine-Nine before going undercover infiltrating mobster Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis (Eric Roberts) as an enforcer. Once he finished his assignment, Pimento continued to suffer from lingering trauma from his PTSD from staying too long and too dee (yeah, the title of my sex tape…).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Why Adrian Pimento Deserves His Own Spinoff
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In Mantzoukas' 10 appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we see the lengths of how his PTSD affected his job from random night terrors to his extreme paranoia leading up to discovering Figgis' sending an assassin amidst his pending nuptials with Det Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Since leaving the force, Pimento ended up becoming a private investigator, but still struggling with his trauma. Personally, having the series focus on the former detective making strides could help bring empathy and attention to a very real-world problem. Instead of potentially awkwardly laughing at his problems, he could be a character of sympathy and empathy for the audience.

In addition to seeing Pimento tackling cases, we could see him acclimate to new friends in the form of co-workers who help him work cases not to mention the fact the character's still very much friends with those in the Nine-Nine. As much as creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur shift the narrative of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's final season, they can very well tackle similar issues and still create the same compelling TV as they did before while creating another layer to one of the funniest and intriguing characters of the series. Pimento could very well be the next Frasier to Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Cheers. The final season premieres on August 12.

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