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Chris Jericho Responds to AEW Firing CM Punk on Latest Podcast

Comrades, dive into the brewing turmoil of AEW, as Chris Jericho shares his thoughts on CM Punk's dramatic firing "with cause" last weekend!

Greetings, comrades! Your beloved El Presidente, broadcasting to you from my lavish underground bunker with the gold-plated commode in the heart of the Cayman Islands, bringing breaking news from the world of professional wrestling. It seems there is more drama in the golden ring these days than in my heated encounters with CIA operatives. First, let me give credit where credit is due. The comrades at Fightful have done an admirable job transcribing the latest words of Chris Jericho from his popular "Talk is Jericho" podcast on the firing of CM Punk from AEW. That soap opera has more twists than an episode of Keeping Up with Kim Jong Un! But let us dive headfirst into the pool of drama and see if we sink or swim, comrades.

Chris Jericho yells at Will Ospreay on AEW Dynamite
Chris Jericho yells at Will Ospreay on AEW Dynamite

Jericho, a man whom I once contemplated hiring as my personal bodyguard in times of crisis, expressed regret over the unexpected departure of CM Punk. His interaction with Punk on the day of Wembley, his last match with AEW, even saw Jericho tease Punk about using his finishing moves, and Punk was apparently so good-natured in the exchange that he neither tried to fight Jericho nor ban him from Collision. Had Jericho been a member of The Elite, surely it would have gone down differently. If they been presidents of nations, a war would have been declared. Such teasing drama, comrades, it almost rivals my early years rising to power! In fact, a similar confrontation once occurred backstage at a state-televised debate with one of my political opponents, and I was forced to take similar action as Punk, except instead of allegedly putting the whelp in a chokehold, I had him poisoned a few weeks later. Haw haw haw haw!

I don't want to dwell on this or talk about, but I should address it. CM Punk, no longer with AEW, Wembley was his last match, which what a way to go out if you're going to go out. I did speak to him, briefly, I was going to do a frankensteiner off the top, and I know that he does that sometimes, so I was curious if he was going to do it. I went and talked to him for a bit, asked if he was going to do it, he wasn't. I told him I was going to do the GTS, with a straight face, and I think for a second he thought that I was going to. I was joking, of course. I did see him that day. It's a regretful moment, what happened, but Tony Khan made his decision. CM Punk was a big part of AEW from the time he was here and if you're going to go out, he went out on top by having this big match with Samoa Joe in a sold out stadium. That's my thoughts on that.

Punk was fired "with cause" after getting into a backstage altercation with Jack Perry in Gorilla position, giving Tony Khan, the capitalist boss of AEW, such a fright that he declared he feared for his life. You see, comrades, real arguments are no laughing matter in the supposedly fake world of professional wrestling. I remember a time when Fidel Castro and I nearly started our own wrestling federation over an argument about who makes the best cigars. Long story short, I now have a stash of Havana's finest at my disposal.

This incident seems like Tony Khan took a leaf out of El Presidente's book of dictatorship. Surely, if anyone threatened me, they would be removed from the face of the earth, quite literally. Thus Khan, fearing for his life, relieved Punk from his services.

The fallout of this altercation, and months of reportedly aggro and hypocritical backstage behavior by Punk, seems to have swayed public opinion against the former voice of the voicless. Even the earnest Chicago crowd seems to have lost their appetite for chanting CM Punk's name at last weekend's All Out PPV, remarkable since they did so for seven years after Punk split with WWE. Destroying one's own image so badly that a formerly rabid hometown crowd turns against you? That's something only I, El Presidente, achieved during a brief misunderstanding with my people about nationalizing cats as army recruits.

And yet, amidst all this drama, Punk has been as quiet as CIA agents sneaking around my summer palace. No comment, no statement, no counter-allegation! Could this be the end of Punk's wrestling reign, or merely the eye of the storm? Only time, comrades, and the dirt sheets, will tell.

Until then, your beloved El Presidente advises you to keep watching the wrestling drama unfold, for there's nothing more entertaining than a good, old wrangle in the ring. And remember, sometimes, the brawls outside the ring can be as thrilling as the ones inside it! All in the name of socialism! Stay tuned, comrades, until our next transmission. ¡Hasta luego!

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