Cobra Kai Season 4: Here Are A Few More Terry Silver Must-Know "Facts"

With Netflix's announcement of the return of The Karate Kid Part III villain Terry Silver and actor Thomas Ian Griffith to the sequel series Cobra Kai, the show's Twitter account offered a refresher course for those who may have missed out on the 1989 film with the five facts you need to know about the former one-time sensei of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio. The first fact is "In The Karate Kid Part 3, we learn that John Kreese created Cobra Kai with Terry Silver – his old war buddy whose nickname was 'Twig.'"

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Cobra Kai Return of Terry Silver

The second is "when not training in Cobra Kai, Terry Silver's day job was running Dynatox, a toxic waste disposal company that made him one of the richest men in the Valley." The third is "In The Karate Kid Part 3, Terry Silver manipulates Daniel into joining Cobra Kai, creating a rift between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi." The fourth is "Terry Silver has impeccable taste, from high-end cars to golden telephones, private steam rooms, designer clothes, ascots, etc." The last is "Terry Silver has long hair and ties it in a ponytail, so his hair doesn't get in his face when he attacks you."

Here are some extras to try on for size to get #TerrySilverFacts trending on Twitter. Sixth is "Terry Silver didn't actually grow his ponytail naturally. He grew it by killing actual ponies and stealing their majestic powers. He was the reason why My Little Pony ended its original run on TV." The seventh fact is "did you know Terry Silver saved a litter of kittens from drowning? After he freed them all from the sack, he randomly picked one to put back into the sack and threw it back into the river." Eighth is "Terry Silver and his company were to be featured originally in Captain Planet, but writers and producers found no scenario where he doesn't beat him and the planeteers so they just created Duke Nukem in his place." Ninth is "if the producers put Griffith in any more scenes in The Karate Kid Part 3, they were obligated to change the character's name to Terry Gold because he was money." The final fact is "Chuck Norris originally auditioned for the role for Terry, but couldn't handle the 'real pain.'"

Cobra Kai Season Four premieres in late 2021.

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