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Colleen Ballinger's Miranda Sings Live Tour Cancels Remaining Dates

Confirmed on Ticketmaster, the news hit that the remaining dates on Colleen Ballinger's Miranda Sings Live tour have been canceled.

With Colleen Ballinger and her legal team continuing to address controversies surrounding the Miranda Sings creator – including an accusation of going with blackface during a live performance of Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" – we reported earlier this week that Ballinger's Oversharing co-host Trisha Paytas announced that the podcast had officially shut down after only three episodes (more on that below). Now, Variety is reporting that the final 11 dates on Ballinger's Miranda Sings live tour have been canceled.

Miranda Sings Creator Performing Beyoncé in Blackface Video Surfaces
Image: Image: Miranda Sings YouTube Screencap

As of yesterday, the remaining dates included Boise, Idaho, on July 13th and ended with Durham, N.C., on September 8th – with Salt Lake City (7/15), Santa Fe (7/19), Minneapolis (7/27), Ann Arbor, Mich. (7/29), St Louis, Mo. (8/10), Kansas City, Mo. (8/11), Omaha, Neb. (8/12), Wichita, Kan. (8/26), and Oklahoma City (8/27) in-between (listed as canceled on TicketMaster's site and partner sites).

Miranda Sings Live Tour Cancels Remaining Dates
Image: Ticketmaster website screencap

"Oversharing" Podcast Ends After 3 Episodes

Ballinger's Oversharing podcast co-host Paytas took to YouTube to confirm that their podcast has shut down after only three episodes (with the first dropping on May 23rd). In the video below, Paytas discusses how "embarrassing" and frustrating things have been, expressing an interest in pivoting her personal & professional life in new directions. "This is all very embarrassing. It's very embarrassing at the end of the day. I don't get embarrassed by many things, like obviously. The podcast ending after three episodes is embarrassing. Us doing all this is embarrassing…it takes a lot for me to get embarrassed."

Colleen Ballinger's Legal Team Responds to Blackface Accusations

A day after the video resurfaced, showing the comedian, actress, singer & YouTube personality apparently wearing black greasepaint on her face while performing Beyoncé's song, legal representatives for Ballinger pushed back on accusations that Ballinger performed in blackface – stating that the suggestion of such was "false" while offering a backstory on the matter. The 2009 video shows Ballinger (as Miranda Sings) performing the song – but law firm Berk Brettler communicated to Variety that prior to performing "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," Ballinger performed "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked – and that her performance with Oliver Tompsett involved her wearing green facepaint to resemble the musical focus, Elphaba, the musical's protagonist witch. Once Ballinger was done performing, her representatives say that she went right into "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" while still in makeup from the Wicked performance (with Ballinger's reps adding that the comedian would end all of her shows with the Beyoncé song).

Miranda Sings: Some Background

As noted in follow-up reporting from Variety yesterday, the growing controversy came only a week after Ballinger went public to push back on accusations that she had "groomed" young fans and was fostering inappropriate relationships with teenagers. In a video posted near the end of June, Ballinger called the accusations "lies and rumors that you made up for clout" while also writing in her song response that she was "Just a loser / Who didn't understand I shouldn't respond to fans." In 2020, Ballinger posted an apology video after receiving backlash for impersonating Latina women. "It is not funny, and it is completely hurtful. I am so ashamed and embarrassed that I ever thought this was OK. I was a sheltered teenager who was stupid and ignorant and clearly extremely culturally insensitive… Racial stereotypes are not funny, they're not a joke, and they should never be joked about," expressed Ballinger in the clip.

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