Community, Brooklyn 99 & More: 5 Halloween Eps That Scare Us Silly

Halloween tends to be a time set aside for the scariest forms of entertainment, but often we forget about the classic sitcoms that take this time of year to make something special. The relatability, iconic scenes, memorable lines, and comedic chops of these specific sitcoms episodes are what put them on the list. While many sitcoms have a multitude of Halloween-themed episodes, these are ones that specifically stood out to me, enough to go back to them year after year. Get ready for some hilarious yet spooky recommendations below from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, New Girl, Boy Meets World, and Frasier.

New Girl, Boy Meets World & More: Top 5 Sitcom Halloween Laughs
Rosa and Amy in the Halloween IV episode. Source: FOX

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 4 Episode 5 "Halloween IV": From the use of Holt's dog, Cheddar, as a spy of sorts to the references to "The Babysitter's Club" book series, this Halloween episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine gives all it can in less than 30 minutes. There is a series in this show of a competitive hunt for the prize of being labeled the best detective/human/genius. The personalities that mix in this episode give plenty of laughs along with a sense of fun that should be found in the spooky season.

New Girl, Boy Meets World & More: Top 5 Sitcom Halloween Laughs
Nick reveals a plan in his Batman mask. Source: FOX

"New Girl" Season 3 Episode 6 "Keaton": In this Halloween episode of New Girl, a post-breakup Schmidt becomes almost insufferable to his friends from eating deli meat on the couch to an impossible attitude. Jess discusses the troubles of having a sad Schmidt at her Halloween party, and a plan involving Michael Keaton is suggested to the dismay of Nick. Schmidt's costume, a "public serpent", is only one of the best parts of this episode that I enjoy every time I watch it.

New Girl, Boy Meets World & More: Top 5 Sitcom Halloween Laughs
Frasier's party. Source: NBC

"Frasier" Season 9 Episode 6 "Room Full Of Heroes": Frasier is a classic sitcom, full of fantastic iconic episodes, but there's one Halloween one that is able to bring comedy and heartfelt moments together in one space. This remains a classic due to an excellent mix of costume work, fantastic dialogue, and commentary on the importance of addressing tough subjects between grown-up kids and their parents. Plus, it's always fun to see Frasier get in a tizzy over a party not going perfectly.

Community, Brooklyn 99 & More: 5 Halloween Eps That Scare Us Silly
Jeff and Britta discussing the party. Source: NBC

"Community" Season 2 Episode 6 "Epidemiology": Community knew how to make perfectly themed and meta episodes. For the "Epidemiology" episode, the campus throws a fantastical Halloween party, only the dean may have received some very questionable food for the event. As students look to be falling ill, the dean and the study group panic to figure out what's happening and all to hilarious scenes worth repeating.

Community, Brooklyn 99 & More: 5 Halloween Eps That Scare Us Silly
The group faces an unknown threat. Source: ABC

"Boy Meets World" Season 5 Episode 17 "And Then There Was Shawn": Shawn leads the group in the search for understanding of spooky events surrounding after-school detention in this episode of Boy Meets World. High school and relationships can be scary enough, add in the mix of ominous messages in detention alongside the school at night and it's even worse. The parody-like nature of the episode is excellent, mimicking the horror film expert in Scream or including an actual star from the film, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

From the hilarious commentary on scary moments in the Halloween season to pure nostalgia, these episodes are there for us during a time we truly need them. Laughing at the scarier moments in life can be quite cathartic, or if anything, they can help distract for a moment. Let us know you're favorite Halloween-themed sitcom episodes in the comments below!

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