Dave Bautista Shoots on Mitch McConnell: "A Foul Human Being"

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista took aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell this week after McConnell said he won't consider a coronavirus relief bill until President-Elect Joe Biden takes office in January. McConnell's stance is despite attempts to put together a bi-partisan relief package supported by both Democrats and the Trump administration. Bautista has long feuded with his fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer, President Donald Trump, and all Republicans, going so far as to become an official surrogate of the Joe Biden campaign, appearing in multiple campaign ads.

Dave Bautista Shoots on Mitch McConnell: "A Foul Human Being"
Dave Bautista photo by s_bukley / shutterstock.com. Senator Mitch McConnell photo by Christopher Halloran / shutterstock.com.

"@senatemajldr you sure did make time to confirm an extremely rushed SCOTUS nominee," The Animal tweeted. "But no time for struggling Americans. Interesting! You're just a foul human being. Baffles my mind what kind of people would elect you over @AmyMcGrathKY…Makes zero sense!! Thanks @GOP." Bautista included a confused face emoji, a puking emoji, and a middle finger emoji to emphasize his points.

Though good news appears to be on the horizon with the rollout of the first coronavirus vaccines happening as early as this month, many Americans are still suffering from the effects of the pandemic, which have left many people without jobs due to the economic fallout. Additionally, a much smaller number of people have been trapped in basements by their Editor-in-Chiefs and forced to produce nonstop clickbait articles about a pro wrestler's political tweets, and those people are no less important and deserve help from the federal government as well. Hopeully, Dave Bautista's impassioned argument is able to sway some Senate Republicans into considering a sweeping coronavirus relief bill that both provides economic stimulus to those suffering and outlaws the keeping of entertainment "journalists" in basements. Bleeding Cool will monitor this story and keep you updated on any breaking developments.

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