Dave Bautista: "Ted Cruz is the Definition of a Sleazy Politician"

Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista is no fan of Senator Ted Cruz, and The Animal delivered a verbal Bautista Bomb on the Republican from Texas this week. Bautista responded to a video posted by political ally and Star Trek star George Takei calling out Cruz for a hypocritical stance on Texas Democrats fleeing the state to block legislation that would restrict voting. The legislation was created in response to lies spread by Bautista's arch-rival, former president and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump. Trump, who lost clean in the main event of the election PPV to Bautista's political tag team partner Joe Biden, claimed that extensive voter fraud caused the election to be stolen from him in a classic heel temper tantrum. Motivated by these lies, the Trumpbronines — a group of hardcore Trump marks that now make up a majority of the Republican party — stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to stop the election from being certified and, if the opportunity were to arise, murder former Vice President Mike Pence, or at least put him through a table. Now, in response to the same lies, Republicans in state legislatures are trying to change voting laws to make it harder for Bidenbronies to vote, thus improving their chances of winning future elections. But Dave Bautista is having none of it.

Dave Bautista has no love for Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Dave Bautista has no love for Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Takei's video celebrates Democrats in the Texas State Legislature that fled the state this week, preventing the legislature from enacting election laws favoring Trumpbronies. The Democrats relocated to Washington DC, where they are trying to convince fellow Bidenbronies to enact national laws protecting voting rights. Ted Cruz decried the legislators for leaving the state, but Takei's video points out that Cruz once fled the state to escape harsh winter storms, vacationing in Cancun instead of enduring the same hardships as his constituents.

"Texans are you guys really ok with this transparent fraud?" Bautista tweeted in response to Takei's video. "@tedcruz is the definition of a sleazy politician."

At press time, Cruz has not responded to Bautista's shoot comments. However, Bleeding Cool vows to closely monitor the former WWE Champion's twitter feed for additional statements as part of our duty as the number two source for news about Dave Bautista's tweets (Bautista's actual Twitter feed is technically the number one source). Stay tuned, Bautistabronies!


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