Dave Bautista to Marco Rubio: Seriously Dude, WTF is Wrong With You?

Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista opened a can of verbal whoop-ass on Republican Senator Marco Rubio via Twitter. The former WWE Champion has stepped into the Twitter ring with pretty much every prominent Republican politician alive today, all stemming from Bautista's feud with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump. Bautista took issue with commends Rubio made that Bautista took as offensive to single mothers.

Dave Bautista is not a fan of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, an ally of Bautista's rival, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump
Dave Bautista is not a fan of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, an ally of Bautista's rival, fellow WWE Hall-of-Famer Former President Donald Trump

On Twitter, Bautista wrote:

That's right, just because Dave Bautista was raised by a single mother, Senator Marco Rubio believes that Bautista walked for miles inside this pit of danger, a place where no one follows him, he walks alone. However, Bautista had his mother to walk with him the whole time.

The Animal added:

Though Bautista dealt quite the verbal beating to Rubio, he wasn't the only politician targeted by the Army of the Dead star. Bautista also took aim at Roger Stone, who he called "thee definition of a human piece of s***…"

…Lauren Boebert, who Bautista called "not the brightest traitor ever…"

…and all of the Republicans who voted against honoring the Capitol Police officers who defended the capitol against an insurrection of supporters of the former president.

These represent just the Republican politicians that Dave Bautista has personally attacked in the last week, though of course many more were targeted by The Animal's various retweets. As always, Bleeding Cool, your number two source for information about Dave Bautista's Twitter feed (his actual feed is the number one source) will continue monitoring Bautista's tweets to provide our readers with the comprehensive coverage they demand.

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