Dead Pixels Creator Nuked Gandhi, Talks Season 2 Expectations

The creator and two cast members of The CW's new cult videogamer sitcom Dead Pixels were in an online panel for NYCC today, and he declared he killed Gandhi. Jon Brown, Alexa Davies, and Charlotte Ritchie appeared on the panel moderated by Claire Lim from their respective houses in the UK to talk about the show and its upcoming second season.

"I developed nuclear weapons and dropped them on Gandhi," Brown said. Not the real Gandhi, mind you, but the virtual version of Mahatma Gandhi in the computer strategy game Civilization 6. This came up at the start of the panel when Lim asked the panelists what they were playing and watching during Lockdown. Brown volunteered the information that he took the time to play Civilization 6.

Dead Pixels Creator Nuked Gandhi, Talks Season 2 at NYCC Panel
"Dead Pixels" panel, NYCC

Dead Pixels is a British comedy series originally produced by Channel 4. It features a group of friends who play an MMO together as their full-time lives outside of their normal muggle jobs. They are utterly obsessive gamers and quite horrible to everyone. That's where the comedy lies. It was shown in the US on The CW this year. Channel 4 announced last year that a second season had been greenlit. Brown, Davies, and Ritchie declared on the panel that the season has already been shot.

"Dead Pixels" poster, CW, E4
"Dead Pixels" poster, CW, E4

Brown talked about opening the scope of the show in the second season to reflect what's been going on in the gaming world. Issues like loot boxes, microtransactions, cynical marketing hooks and the wider world of gaming, including taking in South Korean players, will be elements in the series.

Brown can also now claim to be the only person on a Comic Con panel to have dropped a nuclear bomb on Gandhi. Mind you, he is almost certainly not the only person to do that while playing a Civilization game. While Brown said he wasn't being threatened or anything by Gandhi, there are some of us who recall being surprised when Gandhi did, in fact, pop up to threaten us while playing the game. It is actually quite shocking to have Gandhi threaten to declare war on you, so some of us can only nod at what Brown said.

All in all, it's a raucous and hilarious panel that's worth watching.

Gamers Meg (Alexa Davies, "Mamma Mia 2," "Raised by Wolves," "Detectorists"), Nicky (Will Merrick, "Poldark," "Skins"), Russell (David Mumeni, "Damned," "Lost in London") and Usman (Sargon Yelda, "Spectre," "Innocent") make attempts to build lives away from the game and in the real world, which ironically draws them further back into the online world of the Kingdom Scrolls, and with an expansion pack available anything could happen.

Things become even more emotionally complicated for the gang with non-gamer Alison (Charlotte Ritchie "Call the Midwife," "Raised by Wolves," "Fresh Meat") still stuck on the side lines. Only one thing's for certain: we're not ready for Game Over yet.

Dead Pixels can now be streamed for free on the CW.

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