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russell brand
Less than a week after a joint investigative report from The Sunday Times of London and Channel 4 – as well as the Channel 4 "Dispatches" doc Russell Brand: In Plain Sight – accused the actor/comedian of "rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse," Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek) has taken to[...]
russell brand
On Monday, we learned that Channel 4 was beginning an internal investigation, that U.K book giant Pan Macmillan's imprint Bluebird has paused his publishing deal, and that there were reportedly serious warning signs in play in 2018 when he was a judge on Comedy Central's "Roast Battle." Earlier today, the fallout from a joint investigative report[...]
russell brand
As the fallout continues from a joint investigative report from The Sunday Times of London and Channel 4 – as well as the Channel 4 "Dispatches" doc Russell Brand: In Plain Sight – accusing actor/comedian Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek) of "rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse," there are a number[...]
Comic Creators React To... Russell Brand
The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4's Dispatches have run a series of pieces making serious allegations of sexual assault and grooming by a number of women towards the entertainer, comedian, actor and vlogger Russell Brand, as part of a four-year investigation Russell Brand has denied these claims, stating that any actions were consensual. Christian[...]
russell brand
Earlier today, The Sunday Times of London & Channel 4 went live with a joint investigative report accusing actor/comedian Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek) of "rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse." Later in the evening in the U.K., Channel 4 aired a special called Russell Brand: In Plain Sight, a[...]
russell brand
Less than a day after actor/comedian Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek) posted a video on YouTube where he "absolutely refutes" what he referred to as a "litany of astonishing rather baroque attacks," The Sunday Times of London & Channel 4 went live with a joint investigative report accusing Brand of "rape, sexual[...]
russell brand
I was always transparent about that then — almost too transparent — and I'm being transparent about it now as well." Earlier today, The Sunday Times of London & Channel 4 documentary team "Dispatches" revealed what those allegations were, going live with a joint investigation report accusing Brand of "rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse"[...]
Derry Girls: Season 3 to be the "Natural End" of the Popular Sitcom
Lisa McGee, the creator of triple-BAFTA-winner Derry Girls, has set her next project for Channel 4 and Hat Trick Productions McGee has returned from her break after the ending of Derry Girls and is writing a new comedy-thriller called How to Get to Heaven from Belfast, which follows three old friends from the Northern Irish capital – Saoirse,[...]
Garth Marenghi Reveals What Happened To The Cast Of Dark Place
A horror novelist character created for the stage by Holness and Richard Ayoade, he got his own TV series, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, on Channel 4, purporting to be a TV series from the eighties written, directed by, and starring Garth Marenghi which had never been broadcast except for in South America and was now being shown[...]
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Season 1 Is F**king Brilliant [Review]
Channel 4's Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is a series that perfectly responds to the absurd and nonsensical horrors of the modern world Originating from the series of videos that began on YouTube over 11 years ago, the story would go on to have six episodes on the channel A good recommendation would be to go[...]
derry girls
Derry Girls, the hit Channel 4 sitcom about the antics of a gang of high school girls – and their one hapless English boy cousin forced to go to school with them – in 1990s Northern Ireland during the final years of the Troubles, ran its final season in the UK on Channel 4 back[...]
doctor who
But instead of discussing his upcoming plans, Davies was taking advantage of some award-acceptance speech time to make a strong statement against the British government and its Channel 4 plans, referring to members of the Conservative party as "murderers, bastards, abusers and liars." Image: Screencap Accepting his award for It's A Sin at the South Bank Sky[...]
State Secrets Hidden & Uncovered In Channel 4 The Undeclared War Q&A
In the pre-show room in the Charlotte Hotel, before the press screening of the new Channel 4 drama The Undeclared War, I found myself talking to Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy. And the subject of the future of Channel 4 came up Recently, Conservative Government Culture Secretary, Nadine Dorries MP announced a new government policy to privatise Channel[...]
State Secrets Hidden & Uncovered In Channel 4 The Undeclared War Q&A
The Undeclared War, the new cyberwarfare thriller TV series for Channel 4, invited Bleeding Cool to join a question and answer session after a screening of the first episode You can read a review of that right here We got to hear what everyone thought about the upcoming privatisation of Channel 4 Five years in[...]
Channel 4's The Undeclared War Will Grip Your Chest And Not Let Go
Five years in the making, The Undeclared War is a new Channel 4 drama airing on Thursday 30th June at 9pm, and will be available on All 4, as well as being on Peacock in the US next month Starring Hannah Khalique-Brown, Adrian Lester, Alex Jennings, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Kerry Godliman and Simon Pegg, The Undeclared[...]
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: Cryptic Video Teases Series Return
The iconic and slightly terrifying YouTube channel, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, has had plenty of rumors circulating about potential returns, but a recent teaser solidifies some hopes from fans and viewers of Channel 4. Screenshot of "Fly" video from YouTube channel. The video, which premiered on the official YouTube channel on June 19th, includes a short blurb[...]
Get Millie Black: HBO & Channel 4 Series Cast & Director Unveiled
HBO and Channel 4 co-production of the six-episode drama limited series, Get Millie Black, has cast Tamara Lawrance to star in the title role, with Tanya Hamilton to direct Joe Dempsie, Gershwyn Eustache Jnr, and Chyna McQueen also star in Get Millie Black.  Production begins May 2nd in Jamaica, with additional shooting in London to[...]
Polite Society: We are Lady Parts Creator Directs Action Comedy
The Channel 4 sitcom is one of the most original TV shows of last year, following the exploits of a female Muslim punk rock band as they try to get gigs and recognition in a world that dismisses them at best and subjects them to racist stereotypes at worst The show goes a long way[...]
Goig To A Press Event For Channel 4's Curse
Last night I went to my first Channel 4 Press Event since Adult Material two years ago That show was postponed because it suddenly had to compete with the Ten O'Clock News and, back then, no one was watching anything else at that time But this was for Curse, a new comedy thriller series set[...]
the curse
How strong will their friendship remain when they find themselves transformed overnight from nobody's to somebody's- and how much of themselves are they willing to give up for all of the money in the world? Following up on the release of a teaser trailer last week, channel 4 has released an overview of all six[...]
I Literally Just Told You: Host Jimmy Carr Pays Contestant Lost Money
I Literally Just Told You is a new comedy game show on Channel 4 in the UK that's fast becoming a hysterically funny, nail-biting, suspenseful piece of reality TV Call it Reality Sitcom, if you will Recently, comedian and host Jimmy Carr gave a contestant £18,000 after a screwup cost the guy the show's prize[...]
Derry Girls: Cast Confirms Filming on 3rd, Final Series has Wrapped
The stars of the hit Channel 4 sitcom, which is available on Netflix in the US, confirmed via Twitter that their work was done It's goodbyes all-around. Derry Girls Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare Devlin and also appears in Bridgerton, took to Twitter to share the bittersweet news, posting a photo of herself and co-star Louisa Harland[...]
It's Alan Moore's Birthday, Can We Have A TV Version Of The Show?
From the junior private detectives to organised crime to a Watchman superhero to the club clientele, and Faith – who knows both above and below, as well as gossip apps, sloth comparison websites and video games that exploit the dreaming. Netflix, Channel 4, BBC, Apple, Amazon, if any of you want to get into bed with[...]
Derry Girls: Season 3 to be the "Natural End" of the Popular Sitcom
Derry Girls, the hit high school Channel 4 sitcom set in 1990s Northern Ireland, is ending after its upcoming 3rd Season Variety reported that series creator Lisa McGee made the official announcement on Twitter on Thursday, who said 3 seasons was always the plan, McGee said The series was the most popular show in Ireland[...]
A look at Truth Seekers (Image: Amazon Prime Video)
Mark Rylance and Simon Pegg will be the headliners in The Undeclared War, a new British cyber-thriller produced by Channel 4 and NBCUniversal for the Peacock streaming service in the US Other cast members include Adrian Lester, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Alex Jennings, and Hannah Khalique-Brown The six-part series will be written and directed by BAFTA winner[...]
First Look At Nida Manzoor’s We Are Lady Parts From Channel 4
The first glimpse of Doctor Who-writer Nida Manzoor's new six-part Channel 4 music comedy, We Are Lady Parts, has been released A bold and celebratory comedy exploring sisterhood, belonging and finding your voice, We Are Lady Parts, a six-part half-hour series is currently slated for release on Channel 4 in Spring The series will also launch[...]
Russell T Davies' Its A Sin Breaks All 4 Streaming Records
It's A Sin, the recent Channel 4 drama by Russell T Davies, described as Queer As Folk meets Our Friends In The North, has some impressive statistics to share, and they are not just the usual ones. It's A Sin screencap Firstly, the show has gained 18.9 million views on their free streaming app All4 across five[...]
Russell T Davies' Its A Sin Breaks All 4 Streaming Records
We've mentioned Russell T Davies' new TV series It's A Sin on Channel 4, a kind-of cross between Queer As Folk and Our Friends In The North And delighted in its recreation of a scene from eighties Doctor Who for one of its characters to get cast as a bit part Channel 4 now reports[...]