Did The Miz Just Tease Cody Rhodes Joining WWE as His Tag Partner?

The Miz was defeated by Rey Mysterio during the Elimination Chamber kickoff show on Saturday. Later, during the main show, The Miz was interviewed backstage, where he complained about being outnumbered by the Mysterios during the match. Miz said he'll bring in a tag team partner to help even the odds, and it's possible that superstar in question is former AEW EVP Cody Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite
Cody Rhodes appears on AEW Dynamite

"When my hand goes up, your mouth shut," said The Miz. "Oh yeah. Legendary Rey Mysterio cheated his way to a victory with the help of his son, Dominik. I was outnumbered out there. It was a two-on-one handicap match and everybody was cheering. But don't you worry, I'll find a way to even the odds. I will find myself a tag team partner, a partner who is a superlative athlete, similar handsome features, a global superstar. And I think I have someone in mind. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a phone call."

The most obvious partner for The Miz to bring in is his former partner John Morrison, who was recently released by WWE. But Cody Rhodes is also a good fit. The Miz mentioned that the global superstar in question has "similar handsome features" to The Miz. During his first run in WWE, Rhodes became known as DAshing Cody Rhodes after being voted the most handsome WWE Superstar in a poll of the WWE Divas. Further, that gimmick really took off when Rhodes had his nose broken during a match, forcing him to wear obnoxious protective face gear to really drive the arrogance of the gimmick home. And who was it who broke his nose? None other than Rey Mysterio.


Cody Rhodes recently left AEW, shocking the wrestling world, and is rumored to be headed back to WWE. Some might expect Cody to immediately join the main event scene, but could he be headed to a meaningless midcard tag team feud stemming from a match that happened during a PPV pre-show that might culminate in a match on the WrestleMania pre-show? It would certainly be a great way for Vince McMahon to show how superior WWE is to AEW, and he's shown no compunction to spending plenty of money just to do that in the past, including with Cody's own father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes. Is it time for Cody to break out the polka dots? Maybe we'll find out soon.

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