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Doctor Who 60th: Peter Davison, Georgia Tennant Team for "Past Lives"

Peter Davison & Georgia Tennant set for Big Finish's 60th anniversary event, Doctor Who: Once and Future - "The Artist at the End of Time."

With Doctor Who celebrating its 60th anniversary later this year, Big Finish Productions wasn't going to let the BBC, Disney+ & showrunner Russell T. Davies have all of the fun. Earlier this month, we were treated to a look at the first chapter of the full-cast audio drama adventure Doctor Who – Once and Future, with "Past Lives" seeing the return of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. But now we have the intel on the next episode, with Doctor Who – Once and Future "The Artist at the End of Time" finding Peter Davison reprising the role of the Fifth Doctor, opposite his real-life daughter Georgia Tennant (as the Doctor's daughter, Jenny). In addition, the adventure sees Colin Baker make a grand return as the Curator (a retired incarnation of the Doctor originally played on screen by Baker). Kicking off in the middle of The Time War, the eight-episode adventure finds an injured Doctor being cared for at a field hospital when he begins to glow. Regeneration time, right? Wrong. The Doctor begins to go through a "degeneration" that finds him face-to-face with a number of his other selves as he seeks to find an answer before it's too late.

doctor who
Image: BBC/BBC Screencap

Suffering the effects of degeneration, the Doctor heads toward the end of the universe in search of answers in this second episode. Instead, he finds his daughter – Jenny – and an Artist whose works appear to mark the end of every world they touch. The Doctor stabilizes into his Fifth form to join forces with Jenny and the Curator to solve the mystery of the Final Gallery and the art it has collected. Now, here's a look at the cover & limited-edition cover for the James Goss-written Doctor Who: Once and Future, "The Artist at the End of Time" (with additional ordering details here):

doctor who
Image: Big Finish
Doctor Who 60th: Peter Davison, Georgia Tennant Team for "Past Lives"
Image: Big Finish

A Look at Doctor Who – Once and Future

At the time that the project was first announced, it was confirmed that Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, and David Tennant were on board. In addition, on the Doctor side of things, Stephen Noonan, Michael Troughton & Tim Treloar are on board to represent the first three Doctors. The series will also include the final performance recorded by David Warner as the Unbound Doctor. Michelle Gomez will be returning as Missy, with Georgia Tennant returning as the Doctor's daughter Jenny, and Camille Coduri returning as Jackie Tyler. Also, Nicola Walker is set to return as Liv Chenka, while Sadie Miller will voice Sarah Jane Smith, played in the live-action series by her late mother, Elisabeth Sladen. In addition, we have Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina, Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra, Catrin Stewart as Jenny Flint, Dan Starkey as Strax, Christopher Naylor as Harry Sullivan, Ken Bones as the General, and Beth Chalmers as Veklin. Now, here's a look back at the original trailer for audio anniversary event, followed by the official overview:

The Time War. The Doctor has been injured and brought to a Time Lord field hospital. His body glows with energy, but this is no regeneration into a future form – instead, the Doctor's past faces begin to appear as he flits haphazardly between incarnations…

Staggering to his TARDIS, the Doctor sets out to solve the mystery of his 'degeneration.' Who has done this to him? How? And why? From the Earth to the stars, across an array of familiar times and places, he follows clues to retrace his steps, encountering old friends and enemies along the way. Tumbling through his lives, the Doctor must stop his degeneration before he loses himself completely…

Set to hit this June, Doctor Who Once and Future: "The Artist at the End of Time" is now available to preorder as a singledisc collector's edition CD (+ download for just £10.99), or digital download only (for just £8.99). Head on over to Big Finish Productions' main website for more details and to lock in a copy early.

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