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House of the Dragon: Doctor Who’s Son is a Targaryean!
Many wags are making a big deal out of this because Ty is the son of former Doctor David Tennant and former Doctor's daughter (both literally and fictionally, for she is the real-life daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison) Georgia Tennant. Ty Tennant as Aegon Targaryen in "House of the Dragons", CR: HBO Doctor Who has deep[...]
Peter Davison In Line For David Tennant At Wales Comic Con
In Wales, naturally. Which also saw two Doctor Whos appear at Wales Comic Con, David Tennant with a massive line for autographs and photographs and at the other Peter Davison, his father-in-law, messaging his daughter and David Tennant's wife, Georgia Tennant, who also played the Doctor's clone Jenny – the Doctor's Daughter – in the show,[...]
Staged: Tennant and Sheen Return in New Year’s Eve Special
The lockdown meta sitcom featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen and their respective (and far more sane and sensible) spouses Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg are back Well, sort of Streaming service Britbox has released a New Year's special that may inadvertently turn out to be a very real harbinger of doom. "Staged New Year's Eve[...]
When Julie Anne approached me to talk about reimagining it for the 21st century, alongside her, the magnificent Fazekas and Butters and with the ever-brilliant Georgia Tennant, I didn't let her finish the sentence I couldn't be more thrilled to be playing this character, telling this story, and working with these people." Doctor Who and[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 8: At the Endgame, it’s All About Friendship
His bags are packed, Georgia (Georgia Tennant) is going spare with the car waiting outside, but David can't tear himself away, and, aw bless, Michael doesn't want him to go Eventually, he has to go Normal life, normal work must resume. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 8", BBC Life is the memories and the friends you[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 6: Gentle Jim Parsons, Weirdly Sinister Josh Gad
This does not sit well with their wives, because Georgia (Georgia Tennant) and Anna (Anna Lundberg) are sane They don't have time for this crap. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 6", BBC David has to help Jim Parsons read for Michael, but he's not even pretending anymore He immediately turns it into a therapy session with[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 5: Tennant and Sheen’s Hell is Other Actors
"At least they have each other?" Lucy (Lucy Eaton) asks of Georgia (Georgia Tennant) and Anna (Anna Lundberg) The wives, who see things clearly, are not so sure. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 5", BBC Michael has a glimmer of hope: he's been invited to be best man for his oldest friend who now lives in[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 3: Whoopi Reads the Riot Act
She would get a lot of shit done. Still from "Staged Series 2 Episode 3" BBC Meanwhile, Georgia (Georgia Tennant), Anna (Anna Lundberg), and Lucy (Lucy Eaton) are having a very good time rehearsing the scene they're playing for charity They are the utter opposite of their men, laughing and chatting and just getting on with it[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep. 3: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Torture Tennant!
It's all about exquisitely torturing Michael and David this season! Meanwhile, Georgia (Georgia Tennant), Anna (Anna Lundberg) and Lucy (Lucy Eaton playing creator Simon Davis' sister) are getting along perfectly nicely as they rehearse a gender-switched scene from the first season for charity Unlike David and Michael never getting around to rehearsing last season, they actually[...]
Staged Returns to a Different World, a Different Mood
David Tennant and Michael Sheen play gonzo versions of themselves while their respective spouses Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg play patient and saintly versions of themselves trying to keep their men grounded and sane Show creator, writer, and director Simon Davis plays a nervous, disastrous, stressed-out version of himself The show is a meta hall[...]
Michael Sheen and David Tennant in "Staged", BBC Studios
It's the kind of show only the BBC would make and do well. Staged was shot on zoom, featuring Tennant and Sheen stuck at home playing games, hazing and bitching at each other while their spouses Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg look on Gossip, backstabbing, passive-aggression, and Sheen scaring the hell out of their duplicitous director[...]
Programme Name: Staged - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: David Tennant, Michael Sheen - (C) GCB Films/Infinity Hill - Photographer: Simon Ridgeway and Paul Stephenson
The joke of the show is its meta-commentary on actors and the thin line between fiction and reality – Tennant and Sheen's real-life spouses Georgia Tennant and Anna Thulberg play versions of themselves as comic foils The choice of Six Characters in Search of an Author as the referenced play here is no accident. Staged, BBC[...]
Around the same time, the actor also put on his beloved character's iconic trenchcoat when he recorded a video send-off to Doctor Who script editor and friend Gary Russell, which has recently surfaced thanks to his wife, Georgia Tennant…" I'm alive, and I don't need a witness to know that I survived I'm not looking[...]