Doom Patrol Renewed for Season 4 on HBO Max

Doom Patrol, HBO Max's nuttiest and most foul-mouthed superhero series, has been renewed for a 4th season. The announcement was made at DC Fandome this weekend. Hurrah!

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"Doom Patrol" Season 3 key art from HBO Max

Doom Patrol is HBO Max's answer to Amazon Studios' The Boys, a subversive deconstruction and satire of the superhero genre. It's the most metatextual DC series of all, referencing the original 1960s comic series by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani and Grant Morrison, and Richard Case's 1980s run of the comic. The latter is one of the significant comics of the 1980s, bringing in Jungian symbolism, politics, psychology, and an introduction to Surrealist and Dadaist art to superhero comics.

The HBO Max series of Doom Patrol takes the Morrison run of the comic and cranks up its themes to 11. It turns the heroes and their powers into metaphors for psychological trauma and emotional dysfunction. These characters barely even qualify as heroes – they're fuckups who wing it and barely get through world-threatening events by the skin of their teeth. Many of the cast do their career-best work here, including April Bowlby as Rita Farr, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Brandon Fraser voicing Cliff Steele, and Matt Bomer voicing Larry Trainor. In the show, Timothy Dalton played Niles Caulder, the Chief, as an even bigger bastard than he ever was in the comics.

Season 3 of Doom Patrol brought Michelle Gomez to the cast as amnesiac time traveler Laura de Mille, aka Madame Rouge, a character originally from the Brotherhood of Evil in the comics, now either a baddie or an ally with ties to the Sisterhood of Dada. The lines between good guys and bad guys are blurred even further in Season 3. Oh, and the sex ghosts still pop up.

If you're watching Season 3 of Doom Patrol, you'll know there's no way they could possibly be finished with the characters and their storylines, particularly Madame Rouge. Gomez brings a whole new level of crazy to the show that's entirely consistent and appropriate.

Doom Patrol is now streaming on HBO Max. The premiere date for Season 4 will be announced at a later date.

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