'Drunk History' Returning with Full Roster of Drunk Historians

One of the many mistakes a person can make while watching Drunk History on Comedy Central is trying to keep up with the celebrity historians. I tried once to match Paget Brewster, and failed gloriously. My lesson has been learned, but this latest announcement has me seriously intrigued. Maybe with training I will do better!

Drunk History Christmas Special

A brand new season of Drunk History is set to debut on Comedy Central on June 18th, with a whole new slew of stories. There will be a segment on Lawn Chair Larry Walters, who tried to fly away from his worries on a lawn chair, only to land in our hearts. Additional segments will focus on such historical luminaries as Phineas Gage, who survived a horrific run-in with an iron spike; and murder victim Elva Zona Heaster, the woman behind the notorious Greenbrier Ghost.

The new season of Drunk History will include celebrity reenactors like Aubrey Plaza, Colin Hanks, Paget Brewster (my liver!), Vanessa Bayer, Taran KillamAmber Ruffin, James Charles, Sophia Bush, Cheryl Hines, Dave Foley, Tony Hale, David Wain,  and little known dramatist Elijah Wood.

The historians for the new season include  John Early, Brian Tyree Henry, John Lutz, and Nicole Byer, with more to be announced later.

The Emmy Award-winning Drunk History follows host Derek Waters as he visits different cities, interviewing people who are pretty hip to the local history and going's on. Often times, these hosts are comedians, but the whole affair tends to go sideways as the guests get hammered with Waters. The show then produces reenactments of the events portrayed in the interview, and things tend to get pretty crazy.

The funniest thing about Drunk History, though, is that the events portrayed are often pretty fascinating, and make for an excellent read after you're done laughing over the mangling the inebriated guests put the facts through. For a show that plays up the laughs, it's actually pretty educational!

Drunk History returns to Comedy Central for season 6 pt. 2 on June 18th 2019.

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