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Eric Bischoff Shoots On Tony Khan for Disrespecting Ted Turner

Drama alert! El Presidente spills the tea on Eric Bischoff's wrath over AEW owner Tony Khan's Ted Turner jab - it's a wrestling world Cold War, comrades!

Article Summary

  • Eric Bischoff criticizes Tony Khan for disrespecting Ted Turner's legacy.
  • Bischoff's loyalty shifts after Khan's derogatory comments on Turner.
  • Fired up Bischoff compares Khan to infamous wrestling 'dirt sheet' writers.
  • Revealing discontent, Bischoff is relieved not to be part of AEW's environment.

Comrades, gather around, for El Presidente has shocking news for you all, directly from the gilded halls of my opulent palace that floats majestically on an ocean of the finest rum in all the Caribbean. Today, my friends, we talk about a grudge that's simmering hotter than the noonday sun on the streets of Havana: the war of words between Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan.

Ah, Eric Bischoff, my old sparring partner! I remember the time we tag-teamed against the American CIA in a no-holds-barred match in the depths of the Andes – but that is a story for another rebellious night! That's right, the man who once stood at the helm of WCW has thrown down the gauntlet with words as explosive as a coup d'état!

Bischoff, on his latest confessional – I mean, podcast – with Jon Alba has laid bare his discontent with Tony Khan, the impresario of AEW. What's got Bischoff's luchador mask in a twist, you ask? Well, let me recount it in a way that even my old friend Kim Jong-un would appreciate – drama-filled and with gusto!

Now, comrades, picture this: Bischoff, a loyal warrior of the wrestling world, once respected Tony Khan. But ah, the winds of change, they blow as fickle as public opinion after one of my speeches. Khan, this billionaire son of Khan, dared to disrespect the sacred name of Ted Turner, saying that if Turner knew even a smidgeon about wrestling like he, WCW might still be gracing our screens.

This, mis amigos, struck Bischoff like the sting of a scorpion, for he knows the battlefield of the wrestling world like I know the treacherous paths of guerrilla warfare. Thus, Bischoff's respect for Khan crumbled like an overripe papaya.

"I think there's a lot of great things about Tony," Bischoff started in comments transcribed by the comrades at 411 Wrestling. "But I lost respect for him. And I've talked about this before, I don't want to spend a great deal of time on it. It's old stuff, right? But I'm a ridiculously loyal person, almost to my detriment sometimes. Oftentimes, to be honest. And I don't mind if someone wants to take a shot at me. I'm kind of used to it."

"When Tony Khan came out and said, 'If Ted Turner knew 1% about wrestling as I do, WCW would still be around.' It was such a fundamentally ignorant statement — and by that I mean no knowledge, no experience. That's the definition of ignorance, right? I'm not using it derisively," Easy E continued. "But at that very moment, I went, 'You're just another guy. Your show is on the Turner Broadcasting Network and Turner Network television, and you're criticizing and disrespecting — not criticizing, disrespecting from a position of absolute ignorance, a guy who built the empire you're trying to survive on."

Monday Night Wars generals Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Eric Bischoff share a WWE Ring
Monday Night Wars generals Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Eric Bischoff share a WWE Ring

Bischoff, who's known to have a bit of a vendetta against the likes of critics and competitors, now likens Khan to the infamous "dirt sheet" writers like comrade Dave Meltzer – a comparison that's more insulting in the wrestling world than being served a well-done steak to a man who fought for the people's right to eat it rare.

The vitriol doesn't end there, no, mis compañeros. The former WCW maestro declares with thunderous aplomb that he's glad to be as far from AEW as I am from relinquishing power peacefully! Bischoff, unfettered by monetary ties, serves up a critique as bitter as the coffee grown in the shade of the Andes.

"I am so grateful that I'm not there, that I'm not anywhere near it," said Bischoff. "Actually, I'm sitting in this chair talking about it objectively because I can, because I don't depend on them for an income. And thank goodness for that. But man, thank God I'm not there. And it's really not anything other than just a lack of respect because of Tony's stupid, ignorant comment that he said about Ted Turner. That changed my perspective from, 'I like this guy. Don't know him very well. Probably a total of 40 minutes face-to-face, don't know him. But I generally liked him.'"

Yet, this tale is not without a touch of irony. Once, Bischoff tells us, he wore the badge of AEW supporter as proudly as I wear my medals of honor. It was all "rah-rah" and "viva la revolución" with every tweet of his, championing the brave risks Khan took that TNA never dared. But ah, there is a serpent in every Eden! The moment of disrespect against Turner was when Bischoff retracted his support like my promises of free elections.

The grandmaster of Monday Night Wars makes it clear: what he did to WWE back in the day was a straight-up, head-to-head battle, while Khan's shots are but echoes from the sidelines. He said: "I was going head-to-head, I was actually in a fight. I was in the ring, and the referee was a guy named Nielsen. That was a real competition. And I've made this abundantly clear for so long now, two years on every format or every platform that I'm on. I think if Tony had come out swinging and jumped in the ring and taken those shots, I'd be cheering him on. But to do it from the sidelines when you're not really competing makes you look ignorant in the literal sense of the word. No experience, no knowledge."

Now, my fellow followers of pop culture mayhem, Eric Bischoff's words are as heavy as my gold-plated AK-47. Whether his judgment is as sound as my rule, however, is up to the masses. Does Khan deserve the harsh spotlight, or is this another tale of old generals bitter over the success of younger revolutionaries?

Wrestling comrades, the arena is rife with conflict, where egos clash louder than superkicks on a steel ramp. Stay tuned, for your El Presidente will keep watching from my surveillance-cum-entertainment room, a pile of confiscated CIA bugs and drones at my feet. Until next time, ¡viva la lucha libre! And always remember: the revolution will not be televised… except on Turner networks, apparently. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

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