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Eric Bischoff appears on AEW Dynamite.
On the latest episode of his podcast, former WCW mastermind Eric Bischoff addressed the situation and how it affects AEW owner Tony Khan. Eric Bischoff appears on AEW Dynamite. "He's paying that cat lots of money," said Bischoff "He's paying CM Punk a fortune And CM Punk s cutting his balls off Not only in front of[...]
dark side
Along with Pillman, viewers learned that Nick Gage and "deathmatches," the "Collision In Korea," the Ultimate Warrior, Grizzly Smith, and Dynamite Kid will each be getting their own episode. Wrestling legend and AEW superstar Chris Jericho returns as the series' narrator for a second consecutive season- joined by an enormous cast, including Jake 'The Snake' Roberts,[...]
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As for some of the familiar faces showing up to offer their perspectives, we have Chris Jericho, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Jon Moxley, Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette, David Arquette, the former wife of Ultimate Warrior, Shari Tyree, and more  So who or what are the topics for this season? But on Friday, viewers learned that it[...]
dark side of the ring
With Season 3 set to premiere on Thursday, May 6, at 9 pm ET/PT, the following clip shows a number of new and returning faces- including Chris Jericho, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, Jon Moxley, Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette, David Arquette, and the former wife of Ultimate Warrior, Shari Tyree So who or what are the[...]
Eric Bischoff appears on AEW Dynamite.
It looks like we may have seen the last appearance by Eric Bischoff on AEW Dynamite for the near future Biscoff is the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame's 2021 class of inductees, WWE revealed on Thursday Bischoff was fired from his role as Creative Director of WWE Smackdown after an extremely short[...]
Eric Bischoff appears on AEW Dynamite.
The star in question: Eric Bischoff, who recently appeared as a member of the wrestling press to ask a question of Chris Jericho and MJF during the Inner Circle town hall a few months ago on AEW Dynamite Bischoff also appeared earlier in 2020 as the moderator of a debate between Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Eric[...]
Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Eric Bischoff in happier times
I'm here to talk about recent comments made by Eric Bischoff regarding his brief run as creative director of WWE Smackdown. Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon, and Eric Bischoff in happier times WWE announced in June 2019 that Bischoff would take over Smackdown as the show moved to Fox, but by October, he was replaced by Bruce Pritchard[...]
Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking?
A cooking competition, that is, between WWE star Baron Corbin and recent AEW acquisition Eric Bischoff. Can you smell what The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin, is cooking? That's right Finally, The Ratings King of Friday Nights is being recognized for his greatest talent: grilling meats AEW's Eric Bischoff challenged WWE's Baron Corbin to a[...]
Canadian wrestling legend The Spoiler doesn't want you to find out about what happens if you don't want to.
Those fans don't come into contact with anyone on staff and are not allowed in the same areas, and therefore are not required to pass COVID-19 tests to be allowed in. Here's what SpaceForce1 had to say about next week's Dynamite, which was taped earlier this week: Eric Bischoff will make an appearance on Dynamite next week[...]
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Eric Bischoff ripped into Florida radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge on the latest episode of his podcast Bubba, one of many Howard Stern imitators who had a brief flash of popularity, was most famous for his parasitic friendship with Hulk Hogan, a friendship that ultimately enabled the Hulkster's downfall Bischoff said that while[...]
The official logo of the WWE. — Stephanie Coueignoux (@StephanieCNews) April 21, 2020 Also on Twitter, Eric Bischoff kicked off a game of one-upmanship when he tried to take credit for WWE's attitude era, saying it was basically a ripoff of his WCW Monday Nitro NWO era "Because the Attitude Era was nothing more than a derivative (I'm being elegant) of the[...]
Top 5 Reasons WWE Fired Eric Bischoff and Made Brother Love Head of Smackdown
WWE announced the shocking news Wednesday: just a few months after bringing on Eric Bischoff as Creative Director of Friday Night Smackdown and just two weeks after the show launched on Fox, Bischoff is out and Brother Love is in as the new Creative Director WWE sent out the following press release: Stamford, Conn., October 15,[...]
WWE: Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff Named “Executive Directors” of Raw, SmackDown
It looks like WWE chairman Vince McMahon is going back to "The Attitude Era" well again, tapping former rivals Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as executive directors to help oversee Raw and SmackDown Live brands The executive director will be the creative "stop-gap" before final authority goes to McMahon. WWE provided the details via ESPN[...]
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WWE rocked our socks off with Raw 25 last night — Daniel Bryan was even brought out, and I for one am always happy to see him! Monday Night Raw has gone through a few general managers: John Laurinaitis, William Regal, and Eric Bischoff Bischoff still surprises me I clearly remember the WWF/WCW Monday night wars[...]
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He was inducted by Eric Bischoff, and after his introduction you can say what you want about the man, he was classy and hit all the right notes Between him and Dallas you got most of the "old days" stories and road stories of the night, most of them concerning the late, great Dusty Rhodes[...]
Meet The Next Musician Who May Take Over TNA Wrestling: Jeff Jarrett
Carter is widely known for blowing it every time TNA gained momentum due to her wrestling markdom, performing rookie mistakes like handing creative power to people like former WWE leader Eric Bischoff, original orange goblin Hulk Hogan, and, repeatedly for some reason, former WWE Attitude era writer bro Vince Russo Frustrated with all of this,[...]