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Esther Povitsky's Esther Club: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Comedian Esther Povitsky launched her new YouTube channel, Esther Club, on February 11th, 2020. Here's a look at where she started, what her channel has to offer, and what she is doing now. Povitsky has had a big 2020. The comedian, best known as the show-runner/creator/star of Freeform's Alone Together, debuted both her standup special Hot For My Name and her new podcast, Esther Club, this year. The very first words spoken by the self-deprecating comedian on the inaugural episode of this video podcast perfectly epitomize the casual, conversational, disarmingly hilarious delivery style: "Hello, and welcome to the first episode — well, maybe. Now, I don't know. But welcome to Esther Club."

A still of Esther Povitsky recording her podcast. Credit: Esther Club on YouTube
A still of Esther Povitsky recording her podcast. Credit: Esther Club on YouTube

The early, pre-COVID episodes of the podcast had a funny bit where her one-time co-host, Carlos Herrera, was hilariously sidelined in both the podcast's intro ("It's my solo podcast, but there is another person here. Carlos.") and the video's thumbnails, where the title of the episodes would cover Carlos's face. With no shade toward Carlos, who played the bit well, Esther Club came into itself when the lockdown happened. The episodes began to feel less like a weekly podcast with a famous comedian and more like FaceTime conversations between Esther and the viewers.

From hilarious childhood stories to the discussion of her burgeoning tie-dye business, Esther turns the mundane into the hilarious. Comedy fans are excited to see the stand-up take on her own solo podcast after years of hilarious guest appearances on other comedians' podcasts, with Bobby Lee's Tigerbelly and Rick Glassman's Take Your Shoes Off podcast. Now, with Esther including guests, both her solo dynamic and guest dynamic is on display in her podcast where she introduces guests with her unique style:

Annie Lederman: "I have a new nickname for you."

Esther: "What I just — stop it, we have to welcome people to the show. Welcome to Esther Club. Today is a very sad day. I have allowed this fucking monster into my safe space."

The top five most viewed videos on Esther's channel include:

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