Exclusive Interview With Iron Fist's Finn Jones: "Danny Is Longing For Friendship"

Exclusive Interview With Iron Fist's Finn Jones: "Danny Is Longing For Friendship"

Bleeding Cool's intrepid Kaitlyn Booth was on the scene at the Defenders panel at San Diego Comic-Con today, and she managed to get an interview with Iron Fist's Finn Jones.

Kaitlyn's first question: why does Danny Rand seems more eager to team up than the other members of the Defenders?

According to Jones, since Danny has been alone most of his life, he "understands the magnitude of the situation because he's dealt with the Hand." He says that "Danny is longing for friendship, longing for family," because he has lost so many people in his life.

Secondly, how different is it filming the ensemble Defenders compared to the solo Iron Fist series?

Jones recounted that for Iron Fist, he went through six months of what he called "intense filming, had a week's break, and then went straight into filming Defenders." He said that working an ensemble piece was more fun, though, because there were other main actors there to support him through the filming and production process.

Kaitlyn's final question: what was the most unexpected thing about becoming a part of the Marvel Universe?

Jones gave a really energetic response to this one: he's been impressed by the love and support the fans have given him since he has become Danny Rand. He said that he immediately received an outpouring of love and support from people who watched the show.

Jones seemed genuinely chipper and energetic in speaking with the press. He seems to reflect the cheerful disposition of his Danny Rand persona, which is kind of neat to see.

Check out the full interview below. It is well worth your time to watch, and Jones's shirt is fantastic and needs to be seen in action.

Also, is it just me, or is that Sigourney Weaver on the left of the screen? (yes, I know she's already been announced and was in the trailer, but it's still cool to see her there).

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