Extreme Rules and 4 More WWE Shows Streaming on Peacock This Week

WWE has revealed the new content coming to Peacock's WWE section and, for subscribers outside the United States, the WWE Network, this week. Of course, the Extreme Rules premium live event is happening next Saturday, but that isn't all members of the WWE Universe have to look forward to. And as a bonus, members of the Bleeding Cool Universe can look forward to as much of our clickbait news as possible turned into listicles to appease the SEO gods in the near future, including this one. Don't blame us, folks… it's an editorial mandate!

Extreme Rules and Four More WWE Shows Streaming on Peacock This Week
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With the SEO gods watching closely and us desperate to partake of their bounty, we present to you: Five New Things Including Extreme Rules to Watch on Peacock and the WWE Network This Week!

1. WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event

WWE Extreme Rules airs on Saturday on the WWE network. In the biggest match of the night, Ronda Rousey challenges Liv Morgan for the Smackdown Women's Championship in an Extreme Rules match, where anything goes. Also at the PLE, Bianca Belair defends the Raw Women's Championship against Bayley in a ladder match. Matt Riddle faces Seth Rollins in a Fight Pit match with UFC legend Daniel Cormier as the special guest referee. Drew McIntyre faces Karrion Kross in a strap match. Edge takes on Finn Balor in an "I Quit" match. And in a "Six-Man Tag Team Good Old-Fashioned Donnybrook Match," the Brawling Brutes will face Imperium. Extreme Rules takes place on Saturday, October 8th, at 8 ET/5 PT, streaming live on Peacock in the United States and on WWE Network everywhere else.

2. WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff Show

But before Extreme Rules takes to the streaming airwaves, there's the Extreme Rules Kickoff Show. Streaming an hour earlier than the PLE itself, the Kickoff Show will feature video packages about all the matches, commentary from a panel of out-of-touch legends, and maybe even a match for wrestlers not good enough to make it to the main card. It all starts at 7ET/5PT on Peacock and WWE Network this Saturday.

3. La Previa: WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Preview En Español

Why wait for the Kickoff Show when you can get an early preview with La Previa: WWE Extreme Rules 2022. La Previa gives viewers a look at the upcoming PLE for Spanish-speaking and bilingual viewers, and it's available to stream on Saturday, October 8th. Does featuring multi-language content in our listicle curry additional favor with los dioses del SEO? We're hoping: ¡sí!

4. Two Episodes of WWE's The Bump

If you still can't get enough of Extreme Rules: seek professional help. And while you're waiting for the nice men in the white coats with the nets to come and take you away, tune into The Bump: Extreme Rules edition on Saturday at 3PM ET, which will likely feature wrestlers competing on the show and other special guests, sometimes including WWE legends. If that's still not enough, a regular edition of The Bump on Wednesday will feature Big E and Tyler Breeze.

5. This is Awesome: Most Awesome Weddings

This one doesn't have anything to do with Extreme Rules, but we've been told in no uncertain terms by our editors that they will dock our pay if we don't come up with at least five things for our mandatory listicles. Is there anything more fun and chaotic than a wrestling wedding? And is there any better way to deliver content than in the form of the most advanced journalistic technology ever created: The listicle? These two things will combine on Friday, October 7th on Peacock and the WWE Network

We hope you enjoyed our list of five things to watch on the WWE Network this week including Extreme Rules. Actually, that's a lie. We don't really care if you enjoyed it, so long as the SEO gods smile favorably upon us and bless us with a miracle of clicks. Oh, SEO gods, we beseech you, please accept this listicle as tribute to your benevolence and generosity! Amen.

Are you readers still here? Head to WWE.com for a full of schedule of what's streaming on Peacock this week.

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