Flash Season 4: Don't Expect To See Sue Dibny This Season

This morning I was checking my Facebook feed and I saw a thread of people talking about the costume we saw for Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) in the trailer for next week. They were hating on it like it wasn't supposed to look horrible. I don't think Cisco (Carlos Valdes) actually likes Ralph so it's obvious he hasn't put in his best effort yet. It's a work in progress and he's not just supposed to suddenly be the Elongated Man… he has to earn that. We have to be patient…



That's not the only think we'll have to be patient on when it comes to Ralph. In the comics, it's Ralph and Sue Dibny. The unbreakable couple (until Identity Crisis)… but don't expect to see Sue pop up any time soon on The Flash. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW.com:

We want to wait to get to know Ralph and exhaust Ralph where he is before he meets Sue. Ralph and Sue are endgame, as the kids like to say, so you don't want to bring her in too soon. But that's definitely in our plan. Not for this year, but we'll see.

This makes a lot of sense as we've just got the sleazy, corrupt Ralph trying to learn to be a hero. Sue will probably be the final piece that takes Ralph to be the Elongated Man from the comics, but there is still the journey to watch.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on the CW.

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