Forbes 400 Says Vince McMahon Not Rich Enough But Shad Khan Is

Vince McMahon is off the Forbes 400 list this year, thanks to falling WWE stock prices and the failure of the XFL. McMahon's estimated net worth is now just $1.8 billion, $.3 billion less than required to make the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans. Adding insult to injury, Forbes placed McMahon on a separate list called "Rich, but Not Rich Enough," alongside fellow Donald Trump supporter Kanye West. However, at least McMahon still has more money than West does.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loves money.

"The chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fell off the list this year as shares of his media and live events company slid 30% in the first seven months of 2020," McMahon's entry in the not-rich-enough list reads. "In April, WWE announced it had furloughed 'a portion' of its workforce and reduced executive and board member salaries, resulting in an estimated monthly savings of $4 million. McMahon spent some $200 million to relaunch an NFL competitor called XFL this year. In March, the coronavirus forced XFL to cancel its 2020 season, and, weeks later, the company filed for bankruptcy."

Making things even worse for the beleaguered Genetic Jackhammer, Shad Khan, the father of AEW President Tony Khan and lead investor in the rival wrestling league, made #66 on the Forbes 400 with $7.8 billion, four times McMahon's fortune. That's got to hurt.

McMahon's former WWE rival from WrestleMania 23's Battle of the Billionaires, WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump, also made the list this year with a $2.5 billion fortune. In 2019, Vince McMahon was estimated to be worth $3.2 billion, while Trump was worth just $2.8 billion, so this represents a reversal for McMahon and Trump. Now that McMahon is practically living in the poor house, maybe Trump can give him back some of the millions he spent helping Trump's political campaigns. Trump is ranked #339 on the Forbes 400 list.

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