Fuller House Season Three To Have Fuller Season Of Five Extra Episodes

Here at Bleeding Cool, we're not like all those other comic book websites, constantly looking for any tiny morsel of news to turn into a full fledged clickbait article. No, we get all our clickbait articles from a spinning carnival wheel. That's right, we're talking about Bleeding Cool's WHEEL OF STORIES:


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Finally, the WHEEL OF STORIES has actually landed on Fuller House, matching our animated gif! Yay!

Right before the holidays, Bleeding Cool gifted you the news that Fuller House – our official favorite show – had been renewed for a third season on Netflix. But now, thanks to an Instagram post from executive producer Jeff Franklin, we know that the season will consist of 18 episodes instead of the traditional 13 that the past two seasons have had:

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Already, 2017 is off to a great start, isn't it, Little Bleeders?

Fuller House, a sequel to the hit sitcom Full House, tells the story of DJ Fuller, who has to raise her three children as a single mother in the wake of the tragic death of her firefighter husband. Hilarity, and, often, subtle racism, ensues. The show will return sometime in 2017.

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