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Netflix adds in June include tons of films and tv shows.
This is a big month for originals as well as new seasons of The Politician, F is For Family, and The Order debut, along with the final seasons of Fuller House and 13 Reasons Why For original films, Spike Lee's new joint Da 5 Bloods leads the way, along with Netflix original The Last Days[...]
Fuller House
With the global pandemic trapping everyone inside, the thirst for new content is greater than ever – but fans of Netflix's Fuller House may be getting a small miracle in the middle of all the pandemic madness. The sequel series, which first debued on the streaming service in 2016, wrapped production last year and aired the[...]
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The fifth and final season of Netflix's Full House reboot/spinoff/sequel series Fuller House has had a bit of a rough run of things heading into its (eventual) premiere Full House and Fuller House creator Jeff Franklin was removed over misconduct allegations In March, Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli were indicted over allegations they were[...]
Hallmark Channel Parts Ways with Lori Loughlin Over College Admissions Scandal
Wonder if Hallmark makes a card for these occasions… Earlier this week, Fuller House's Lori Loughlin flew from the Vancouver set of her Garage Sale Mysteries movie series for the Hallmark Channel to face charges of being part of an elaborate college admissions scam Released on a $1 million bail bond, television's Aunt Becky was granted[...]
Ex-Fuller House Showrunner Jeff Franklin Issues Statement
Credit: Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com Ex-Fuller House showrunner Jeff Franklin took to Instagram for his first official statement following his removal by Netflix and Warner Bros TV Franklin was removed from the show he helped create following multiple allegations of abusive and inappropriate behavior Franklin chose to not address or even acknowledge the allegations in his post,[...]
Fuller House: Jeff Franklin out as Showrunner over Behavior Complaints
TV have decided to not renew their overall production deal with Fuller House's Jeff Franklin In statements from Warner Bros TV and Netflix, the news of the parting of the ways was officially confirmed; and it was reaffirmed that Fuller House would still be moving forward with Season 4, set to begin production in a[...]
Watch the Trailer for Fuller House Season 3B Ahead of Next Week's Return
Oh, mylanta! We've been so busy with the holidays that we didn't notice the release date for the second half of the third season of Fuller House, the official TV show of Bleeding Cool, creeping up on us! That's right, you heard us correctly It's better than a Christmas miracle New episodes of Fuller House[...]
This was a perfect example of a company finding a way to get both a business and public relations win. Fuller House Creator Has Had Enough Of Being Told "No" By The Olsen Twins Is this Full House nonsense some kind of sick, uber-meta joke that I've been left out of for decades? Because I swear on[...]
Fuller House Creator Has Had Enough Of Being Told "No" By The Olsen Twins
The official television show of Bleeding Cool and Netflix's most popular show ever with billions of viewers, Fuller House is widely considered the greatest achievement in the history of television But the Olsen Twins, who broke into the industry as babies acting on Full House (the prequel to Fuller House), unexplainably want nothing to do[...]
Rejoice, For The Trailer To Fuller House Season 3 Has Arrived
This is the most important entertainment news you'll read all week. Netflix has released the trailer for the third season of Fuller House, the decades-later Full House spinoff that follows the story of DJ Tanner, whose husband was tragically killed in a firefighting accident, leaving her children fatherless Hilarity ensues when sister Steph and best friend[...]
Fuller House Season Three To Have Fuller Season Of Five Extra Episodes
That's right, we're talking about Bleeding Cool's WHEEL OF STORIES: Let's spin the wheel and see what we're going to talk about today… Finally, the WHEEL OF STORIES has actually landed on Fuller House, matching our animated gif! Yay! Right before the holidays, Bleeding Cool gifted you the news that Fuller House – our official favorite show –[...]
Merry Christmas, Little Bleeders! Fuller House Renewed For Season Three
We think you'll be satisfied with the present we brought you, however: a renewal for Bleeding Cool's favorite show – Fuller House! Yay! That's right, Netflix has announced a third season for the show, which follows the wacky hijinks that ensue after DJ Tanner's husband is killed in a firefighting accident, leaving her three children fatherless[...]
Alan Thicke Of Growing Pains Dead At 69
He was most recently seen on the Netflix reboot of Fuller House He also appeared many times in television and animation as himself. Thicke is survived by his 3 sons — Robin, Brennan and Carter … and his wife, Tanya Robin Thicke has made his name as a singer in his own right, best known for the song[...]