Gotham Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: 'A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon'

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham season four episode – 'A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon'.


Gotham is becoming harder to summarize, because the show has so much going on. Executive producer Danny Cannon said that they've been building for three seasons, and now they're setting the bonfire off — and that is a perfect description.

The main story is that the cop found dead wearing a pig mask turns out to be a bag man for the Penguin — a crooked cop who delivered money to crooked cops. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock work the case and discover that whoever got the pig head that was used has three more. They rattle the cages trying to figure out who else would be a target, only to arrive too late for two of them and just in time for the last — except he was rigged to blow.

Bullock and Gordon are knocked out, and Jim wakes to the insane Professor Pyg above him. This version uses pig masks and is hunting crooked cops. He somehow has inside information and has an obvious grudge. He sees Gordon as a kindred spirit trying to clean up Gotham's corruption. Pyg gets away by slicing Harvey's throat just enough that Jim has to stop and take care of him instead of giving chase. We learn that Harvey has been on Penguin's payroll since the licensing thing has come up. Bullock insists that he hasn't done anything he wouldn't have done otherwise, and that the mayor insisted they work with the Penguin.

Sofia Falcone is playing Penguin like a violin. She gets close to him, then purposely makes him question her loyalty only to reveal her innocence. In this case, she made it look like she was building a fortress in an old hotel, only to have it revealed to be an orphanage. And then she easily forgives him for his suspicions. And Penguin is falling for it completely.

Meanwhile, over at the fight club, Grundy is kicking ass. We learn that Lee Thompkins returned to Gotham out of guilt from having released the toxin. She's trying to run a free clinic and has to take care of the fighters as part of the deal. She agrees to help Edward Nygma with his brain problem in exchange for money to fund the clinic.

There was no Bruce Wayne story nor Gotham Sirens story this week. The main storyline was interesting and I think it's leading towards Gordon becoming Captain. The previous seasons have seen Gordon crossing line after line that he shouldn't, but now it feels like they're doing all this crazy stuff to cover that they're putting the toys back in the box properly.

Putting Bullock on the take, making Gordon the one good cop in the city again, having Lee open up a free clinic, Penguin running the crime in the city… This is all starting to look like a long way around to getting where we expect the characters to be. I think the Professor Pyg story will be very interesting, but they've drifted quite a bit from the comics — which most viewers won't care about.

Looks like things are going to be ramping up next week with Bullock and Gordon going against each other, Bruce Wayne getting involved with a girl, and more.

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