Guy Fieri Offers "Chance of a Lifetime" to Own One of His Restaurants

The icon of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, has been all across the internet lately from finally joining Tik Tok to saying yes to officiating Kristen Stewart's future wedding, but he still has projects coming up in the arena of TV. Specifically, Fieri is continuing his gift-giving style with an upcoming series on Food Network called Guy's Chance of a Lifetime, set to premiere on January 2nd.

Guy Fieri New Series Involves Giving Away One Of His Restaurants
Chef Guy Fieri was at Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs. Source: Chicken Guy

The series will not be like most other competitions, on Food Network or otherwise, instead, it'll be almost like a sit-down interview with the man of Flavortown himself. The prize for the last contestant standing will end up being ownership of one of Fieri's restaurants, "Chicken Guy". About the opportunity and the series, Fieri said, "No eliminations, no meaningless cook-offs each week. It's a real deal job interview for a life-changing opportunity. The candidates on 'Guy's Chance of a Lifetime' have to prove that they are the best all-around talent in the food business and if they can do that, we're in business — together."

There's a lot to keeping up a restaurant and that's part of what Fieri's series will include, similar to how behind the scenes certain other shows have gotten. Guy's Chance Of A Lifetime will be a six-part series, and for those with Discovery+, the premiere will come early on December 26th. Fieri will be assessing every move of the contestants in the span of time monitoring how they work under pressure and how they apply new skills. Judges, including Robert Earl, as well as Maneet Chauhan, Hunter Fieri, Anthony Hoy Fong, Antonia Lofaso, Christian Petroni, and John Thall are being brought on the series, to assess the seven competitors. A look into how Fieri's restaurant franchise, Chicken Guy, operates will also be a part of the introduction for the contestants. Many more projects are ahead for Guy Fieri on Discovery+, including past and current titles such as  Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; Guy's Grocery Games; Guy's Ranch Kitchen; and Tournament of Champions. 

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