HBO Max Unleashes "House of Halloween" Spotlight Page This Weekend

HBO Max will launch its "House of Halloween" spotlight page on Saturday, October 1, bringing an interactive Halloween experience to fans all month long. Recognizing that Halloween goes beyond the horror genre, this spotlight page will offer frights for all ages, as well as costume ideas, animated episodes, and more. Here's a look at how HBO Max's "house of streaming horror" will work this year, beginning with a look at the spotlight page:

HBO Max Reveals Interactive
Example of the spotlight page layout. Source: HBO.

Last year, HBO Max had three doors to celebrate the season, labeled "Not Scary," "Scary," and "Very Scary," which suggested a title to stream based on the door that was chosen. This year, the "House of Halloween" will feature an interactive tarot card element to help fans pick their next title to stream. Fans can click on one of the tarot cards on the screen, which will then lead to a recommended title based on the card. The tarot cards include:

HBO Max Reveals Interactive
Example of the spotlight page layout. Source: HBO.

The Fool reveals a surprise curated title related to horror comedies

The Magician reveals a surprise curated title related to fantasy/magic

The Devil reveals a surprise curated title related to demons/possessions

The Executioner reveals a surprise curated title related to slashers

The Lovers reveals a surprise curated title related to romance-related titles

The Creature reveals to a surprise curated title related to creature features

In addition to the tarot-based recommendations, fans can also enjoy curated collections including "Spirit of the Season," "Family-Friendly Frights," "Scoobtober," "Very Scary," "Costume Ideas," and more. Select Halloween episodes from series including South Park, Looney Tunes, The Middle, and Courage the Cowardly Dog will also be featured in the collections. Many titles are included, such as those from the Final DestinationA Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Conjuring franchises. Classic films such as The Omen and Young Frankenstein are included in the mix. Recent limited series such as HBO's The Baby and culturally iconic ones like True Blood are also a part of the interactive page. So whether it's the epitome of fall with Practical Magic or recent horror like Malignant, there are choices for whatever type of Halloween you end up having.

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