Jujutsu Kaisen S01E14-E16 "Kyoto Sister School" Gets Personal: Review

Continuing on with our look at the popular anime, Episodes 14, 15, and 16 of Jujutsu Kaisen did not disappoint and set up a strong tone to build upon. I mean, after a couple of weeks of wait, expectations grow when you are desperate for crumbs of spoilers. We have now approached the "Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event" and Itadori will get to see his friends again after being dead… but not quite… We will finally get a chance to see what these Jujutsu sorcerers in training have to offer and what they are made of. I will not lie, I was eager to see the face-off– I cannot stand the group from the Kyoto school.

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First off: I was not expecting Nobara and Megumi to just not react at all to Itadori's surprise… I am pretty sure Itadori's reaction to their non-reaction mirrored my own. However, I was laughing so hard during this scene. I like him and Gojo so much– their dynamic and mannerisms get to me every single time. Between the little souvenirs and the emotionally destroyed Itadori, I had to pause the scene until I could pay attention again. I must add, there was nothing sweeter than Megumi confronting Itadori knowing something seemed off and getting him to confess he lost a friend while he was away training. However, fun is shortly cut off when we realize that the Kyoto academy is actually trying to exorcise and go against Itadori despite having met him and seeing he is still human. Granted, we all know there is also something going on with these elders as Gojo has mentioned, but what exactly is it that they are hiding and why are they so scared? I was curious to see what these students were hiding under their belts and was not surprised they considered Itadori a curse.

Despite having curses to hunt down, the Kyoto students divide still makes it their point to go after the Tokyo group. Todo encounters Itadori and their battle commences. Though something unexpected happens when Itadori answers Todo's questions correctly: his type is tall women with big buts, and he could not lie… The budding bromance in the midst of battle was the best that could have happened. Even though Todo's memories never really happened, it made him see Itadori in a completely new light. Not to mention he also saved the boy from his own team in spite of the orders to exorcise him. Todo even offers pointers in the midst of battle that make Itadori become a better fighter and teaches him about cursed energy and using it to the best advantage. Itadori then thanks Todo as he envelops his fist with cursed energy and the real battle begins.

While the fight between Todo and Itadori is going on the other students are fighting against one another instead of focusing on the task ahead, like hunting down the demos that are running around the perimeter. While Panda and Nobara are fighting Momo, Mechamaru makes his appearance. He shoots Panda from the back and another battle ensues. In the midst of it, we get to see the truth behind Panda: a mutated cursed corpse with three different cores that allow Panda to tap into three different power sources. However, Panda mistakes Mechamaru as having the same background which makes Mechamaru even angrier. They each fight at their ultimate level which results in Panda getting the best of the machine and offering to be there for Mechamaru in the future.

It was a blast of a start for the second part of Jujutsu Kaisen season one. While the battle between Mechamaru and Panda is going on, we see Maki intent on taking over Kasumi and the latter realizing how much they underestimated Maki. I am incredibly excited to see Maki and Nobara in action. They clearly have a background we have yet to explore and I am curious to see how much able to kick since they look pretty bad-ass already.

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