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Jujutsu Kaisen S01E19 "Black Flash" Review: Best Friend Takeover

While Gojo was missed, episode 19 of Jujutsu Kaisen was everything and a bag of chips. The action continues to get better and better as the battle moves on. Yuji and Aoi take their bromance to a whole new level in battle and make me hope we will continue to see more of this friendship as the show goes along. Though after what they pulled with Junpei, I am sure they will be having more heartbreak for me in the future.

Jujutsu Kaisen
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The action continues straight where it left off in the previous episode. Megumi, Toge, and Noritoshi have a balanced way of running away from Hanami, the cursed spirit. However, it is not long before it falters and Toge starts experiencing side effects of his cursed speech. Hanami then takes advantage and almost finishes Megumi's bird shikigami, Nue. After Noritoshi falters as well, Maki joins Megumi and they put up a fight– enough to stall the cursed spirit, but not enough to truly inflict any damage.

However, the best friends come to the rescue just when things are about to turn ugly. Aoi and Yuji then take on the challenge. Aoi encourages his new best friend to use all the training he has received and the pointers he provided to try Black Flash. At first, the anger derails Yuji and Hanami seems confused by the forceful bromance between the two. However, Yuji gets it right after Aoi pushes him in the right direction and recognizes what his real cursed energy really is after that.

Hanami then raises the bar and takes the battle to new heights when Aoi joins in with Yuji– literally and figuratively as it truly reaches sky levels with its manipulation of cursed mass. The new brothers then find a way of evading the attacks and still cause damage. Hanami then is introduced to the pleasure of battles as Mahito had suggested for it to do as we see in a flashback. Hanami also recognizes her opponents as special and makes it a point of saying it had been reported that Sukuna's vessel was not a mature sorcerer realizing the boy has more to offer than meets the eyes.

Episode 19 of Jujutsu Kaisen was a lot of fun. Every episode is so jam-packed with action they keep feeling shorter and shorter… and quite frankly? I am not happy it leaves me screaming at my TV when the credits come up. That said, The visuals and the story just keep getting better and more fun, it does not cease to impress me and leave me feeling like I am watching a mini-movie with each episode.

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