Kevin Smith SDCC Talk: Mooby's, Smodcast, MOTU, Kilroy Was Here & More

Welcome to an hour's conversation (well, really just one man ranting) of "Kevin Smith pimps what he's been working on". Starring, of course, Smith. He starts off reminiscing about the success of Clerks and the Jay and Silent Bob reboot movie. But what's coming next in the world of Smith? Apparently, a lot. Speaking of the reboot movie, the "Iron Bob" version of Silent Bob in the movie is now a Funko Pop. I think he's more excited by this than basically anything else: he's so excited about this, and it's adorable.

An Evening with Kevin Smith | Comic-Con@Home 2020
An Evening with Kevin Smith | Comic-Con@Home 2020

He's working on the new Masters of the Universe: Revelations series for Netflix starring He-Man and a ton of celebs as voice actors for the series. There's so much of that that we broke that into a post of its own, which is right here. Smith may have canceled his Mallrats sequel film but if you're a die-hard, you can check out his new show Wake and Bake which, yes, is a podcast-type vanity hour "conversation" where if you join his fan club site, you can watch him do things like reading his unmade script, a ton of old footage, all the episodes of his old shows and interviews: all behind a paywall at That Kevin Smith Club.

Kevin Smith Vanity Hour
MOTU Kevin Smith First Look

If you've got your Smith "interview bingo card" handy, he does mention his veganism, his kid (Harley Quinn Smith), her veganism, and his heart attack- and that's all a segue into his new podcast with his daughter, Harley. Vegan Abattoir is available everywhere and "free as f*ck", according to the man himself.

He pimps out the LA Mooby's pop up restaurant, but now the Mooby's pop up is a meal delivery service. Yes, he's partnered with food box service Goldbelly – you can now go to and get a box delivered to you and make your own cow tipper burger with all the fixings. Of course, he also talked about making Mooby's a permanent installment in Los Angeles… you tease…

His podcast Smodcast is getting a real in-person location (cleverly called Smodcastle) at the end of the strip mall that the real Quick Stop is in. So whenever the pandemic is over and we get the all-clear, the 50 people live audience recording space will be up and running and available so people in New Jersey can actually go see him live and in person. Kilroy Was Here debuts a new trailer: a comedy horror movie he did with the kids from Ringling College of Art & Design and it's "coming probably by 2021." You know if we're all still here. He dropped a trailer for it and it actually looks pretty hilarious and scary. "Scarilarious"? "Scalarious"?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Mooby's meal delivery box to order. What? Just because cow tipping is a real thing in my hometown doesn't mean I don't still need a cow tipper burger in my life.

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