Kurt Angle Vs. Owen Hart: A Dream Match Happened & We Didn't See It

Wrestling fans love coming up with dream matches.  Highly unlikely or outright impossible battles between legends that can only take place in our collective imaginations or on a video game screen.  "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels vs AJ Styles, and of course, The Undertaker vs Sting.  We each have a dream match that we'd pay a ton to see come to fruition and a wrestler often featured in dream match scenarios is the Olympic hero and WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle.  Angle is one of the all-time greatest talents to step foot in any kind of ring and while he's had classic bouts with some of the greatest legends ever, we've never been able to see him go toe-to-toe with the legendary Hart family, specifically Bret Hart and Owen Hart.  Well, as it turns out, some lucky people did actually get to see Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart.

Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart: A Dream Match Happened & We Didn't See It
Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart in a WWF dark match in 1999, courtesy of WWE.

On a May 10, 1999 taping of WWF Raw is War, a young and yet-to-debut Kurt Angle faced Owen Hart in a dark match.  Hart won the match via pinfall, but the young Angle clearly made an impression on the "King of Harts", as Owen allegedly was telling everyone backstage that night that Angle was a future world champion.  The match has clearly held importance in Angle's mind as well, as he tweeted on the anniversary of the match yesterday.

WWE know-it-all Bruce Prichard also remembers the dark match well, as he spoke about it on his podcast, Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard.  He speaks on the match-up of Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart, as well as the reaction to the match and a young Angle at the time.

As a big fan of both men, this is crazy to me that the tape of this dream match actually exists and we haven't been able to see it.  WWE tapes literally everything that happens in the ring, dark or not, so this is definitely in Titan Tower somewhere.

While of course, Kurt Angle went on to debut onscreen at that November's Survivor Series and would have a legendary career from then on, Owen Hart tragically died just 13 days after his match with Angle in a tragic stunt gone wrong at the WWF's Over The Edge pay-per-view show.

Pretty much every fan has imagined what amazing things Owen Hart could have done if that horrible night had never happened, but a match like this against Kurt Angle is a somber look at something that probably would have happened had he never been forced to do that idiotic stunt.  Angle and Hart definitely would have given us something special later on, on a bigger stage.  But the one and only Kurt Angle vs Owen Hart match now only lives on in our imaginations and in the memories of the lucky few who actually got to witness it.

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