Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, Episode 6 'Tender is the Nate' Recap

It was all literary references and red tape in this episode of Legends of Tomorrow. We open up the episode with Ava showing Mona around her new job. It turns out that Mona has a special touch when it comes to the magical creatures and she is officially their new caretaker. However, Mona seems to have very different ideas of how the creatures should be treated compared to Ava. The big difference is how Mona wants to treat the now emprisoned Nora Darkh. Mona is acting like a friend while Nora would like to be left alone with some peace and quiet.

Ava is in her office when Sara shows up in heels and a trenchcoat for Ava's birthday. Sara opens the jacket to reveal that she is wearing lingerie underneath the jacket. Just as they are about to celebrate the door opens and Hank Heywood shows up to talk about the expenses that the Legends accumulate. Ava is doing her best to defend the team while Sara sneaks around the office trying not to get caught. It appears that Hank has no idea that Ava and Sara are together.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, Episode 6 'Tender is the Nate' Recap

Nate is trying to convince Hank that the Legends are worth every penny but it becomes apparent that Hank wants to see a Legends mission for himself. Nate wants to give them some heads up but Hank wants to get on the Waverider right now. Sara tries to sneak on right behind them but she is a bit too late. She calls the ship to let them know Hank and Nate are on board. Nate doesn't know about Charlie just yet and they need to keep him away from the lab until they can explain her presence. The team does their best, including finding a very naked Constantine in the library, but eventually they end up in the lab and Nate mistakes Charlie for Amaya. They need Hank to think Charlie is Amaya though because he can't know they are harboring a fugitive. Otherwise, they will lock Charlie up.

The ship gets a magical alert and the team plus Hank is off to 1927 Paris. Mick, Sara, Nate, and Hank are off to do the mission while Constantine, Zari, Ray, and Charlie stay behind. The team doing the mission are off to a bar where they run into a few famous faces including Salvador Dali, who claims to have seen a monster in the catacombs, and Ernest Hemmingway who causes Hank to fangirl a bit about. Sara and Nate want to do some more recon on the monster but Hank, Hemingway, and Mick are a little drunk and far too eager to get into the catacombs to hunt the monster. Nate goes off to try and find more information from a drawing Dali did while Sara joins the hunt to try and keep everyone from dying.

Back on the Waverider the rest of the team is trying to get Charlie to act like Amaya but it isn't exactly working. She wants to be her own person and storms off. Constantine mentions that they can go wherever or whenever they want if they are left behind and it sounds like Ray has an idea. He takes the jumpship to 2018 and the Time Bureau. He wants to see Nora to make sure she is okay but Ava is having none of it. Mona, however, thinks it is incredibly romantic and agrees to deliver a letter on Ray's behalf.

Mona is trying to deliver the letter but Nora doesn't want it. In her attempt to get rid of the letter she sets of an alarm which causes Ava to come running. Ava threatens to open the letter and Nora instinctively uses her magic. A wave comes out which shatters the barrier between Nora and Mona and Ava but also locks the three of them in the room.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, Episode 6 'Tender is the Nate' Recap

Nate is on his way back to the ship when he runs into Charlie and eventually the Fitzgerald's. He agrees to go out with the couple for a drink because they've heard stories about the monster as well. The hunt in the catacombs is not exactly going well and the team ends up finding the escaped magical creature; a minotaur. They try to fight it but the guns they've brought appear to have little impact on the creature. Hank ends up hurt and the team makes a hasty retreat. Charlie confirms that the creature is a minotaur and also reveals some new information about it including why the creature decided to get lost in the maze. It has more than a few parallels to the problems that Nate is currently having with his dad.

Back in 2018, we find out that Mona terrified at the idea of losing her job and that her backup plan is apparently law school. Ava doesn't get that, law school sounds like a much better idea, but this is what Mona loves to do. Mona reveals that her mother is the one who wants her to become a lawyer and Nora tells her not to give in to the whims of her parents because that ended very badly for her. Ava and Nora both reveal things about their best and Mona wants more info on both of them immediately. They are resistant until Mona pulls out a bottle of wine.

The hunt in the catacombs is not exactly going well and the team ends up finding the escaped magical creature; a minotaur. They try to fight it but the guns they've brought appear to have little impact on the creature. Hank ends up hurt and the team makes a hasty retreat. Nate isn't happy to see his dad hurt but the team eventually ends up with a plan. Constantine creates a way to mimic the smell of a female minotaur and Nate figures out a way to put the creature to sleep by playing a lute.

Hank, however, isn't exactly pleased with this idea and thinks they need to go in guns blazing. Hank pulls the boss card on Nate but Sara backs up Nate that if Hank wanted to see a Legends mission then this is one. Gideon reveals an impending change to the timeline that the bar is attacked and there are no survivors. The minotaur is tracking Hemingway and the team needs to spring into action. They are doing their best to save people and the plan is going well, Nate playing the lute and the creature is almost asleep when Hemingway pulls a gun and everything goes to hell.

It seems that nothing gets the ladies bonding like rose because Mona now thinks that Ava and Nora are the coolest women ever. Nora talks about how the reason she shut down is because when you're locked up the only way to survive is not to think that you have a future at all. Ava implies that maybe Nora could have a future someday once her debts are paid off. They share a birthday cake for Ava and agree to open up the letter from Ray. When they do they find a shrunken Ray in the ATOM suit who got stuck to the glue. Now they have a way out of the cell.

legends tomorrow s04e06 recap

The fight at the bar only turns around when Hank picks up a guitar and starts to play some James Taylor. It eventually puts the monster to sleep and Hank seems to agree that Nate's methods were the way to go.

Mona checks in with Nora who has written Ray a letter. Mona is more than happy to deliver it but just as looks like Ava is going to stop her Ava reveals that she is okay making the containment facility a little less like a prison by making the creatures more comfortable.

Hank agrees to keep the Legends funded as Nate reveals that while being back on the ship was fun his new place is at the Time Bureau. The team has a pizza party before they go and Nate assures Charlie that she'll eventually find her place on the team just the way he and so many others have in the past.

Next week it looks like we're embracing some horror aesthetics with some truly creepy looking dolls which should be a lot of fun. Check out our preview for the next episode.

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