"LEGO Masters" Episode 2 "Space Smash": Where The Team with The Biggest "Big Bang" Wins [PREVIEW]

Last week's season premiere of FOX's brick-building competition series LEGO Masters didn't waste time throwing our 20 competitors into the fire. Set up in a LEGO amusement park locale, the teams were charged with creating their amusement park – the catch? It also had to contain at least one automated moving attraction (like a monorail or rollercoaster).

When the dust settled, Aaron & Christian walked away with a first-week win – while Manny & Nestor and Sam & Jessica found themselves at "risk" status.

lego masters
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With this week's episode "Space Smash", host Will Arnett and judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett welcome The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik for a round that finds our teams pairing their building expertise with their knowledge of the universe in a space-themed episode.

Speaking of "big bang"… well, we wont' spoil it for you…


"LEGO Masters" season 1, episode 2 "Space Smash": The second challenge of the season takes the contestants on an out-of-this-world odyssey! Each duo has been tasked to create an entirely LEGO®-ized build from space. Contestants craft everything from aliens to massive rocket ships. The twist of the task is to build an item that not only looks amazing from the outside, but also impresses when it gets smashed in slow motion.

lego masters
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Now the show already had us with the whole "LEGO building concept" – but now you're throwing in watching things things get smashed with a baseball bat or dropped from great heights… in slow motion???

What a great time to be alive…



As if our contestants needed any more added pressure… this week, they'll also be under Bialik's watchful eye:


LEGO Masters' first-season teams include: Aaron & Christian, Amie & Krystle, Jermaine & Mel, Jessie & Kara, Manny & Nestor, Mark & Boone, Richard & Flynn, Sam & Jessica, Travis & Corey, and Tyler & Amy.

"LEGO Masters" Episode 2 "Space Smash": Where The Team with The Biggest "Big Bang" Wins [PREVIEW]
©2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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