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"LEGO Masters" Teams Need "The Force" To Be Strong This Round [PREVIEW]

On the penultimate round of FOX's reality competition series LEGO Masters, our final three teams find themselves travelling to "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" – that's right, brick-building fans: it's a Star Wars theme. Over the course of the hour, teams will compete to build their perfect LEGO robot – […]

lego masters

"LEGO Masters" Preview: Our Teams Dastardly Design in "Good Vs. Evil"

On this week's round of FOX's reality competition series LEGO Masters, our remaining teams are tasked with leaping tell (brick) buildings in a single bound with this week's theme, "Good Vs. Evil." Though to be fair, they'll be doing a bit more "world domination planning" than "saving the day" as they become "evil home builders" […]

lego masters

"LEGO Masters" Season 1: Let Will Arnett Walk You Through FOX's New Reality Competiton Series (Just Don't Go Barefoot – Those Bricks Are Killer on Your Feet) [VIDEO]

LEGO fans have only a day to go before FOX's brick-building competition series LEGO Masters debuts (set for Wednesday, February 5 – following the Season Three time period premiere of The Masked Singer). Host-executive producer Will Arnett (The LEGO Movie, BoJack Horseman) will be running our 20 contestants through several celebrity-starring theme weeks – including […]