Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"

HBO's hit series Game Of Thrones aired it's season 7 finale tonight, "The Dragon And The Wolf".  After a plague of internet leaks following that hack, the cable network did better than expected in the ratings even with episodes making their way online early.  The heartbreaking happenings of episode 6, the loss of notable characters that have  been with the show since the first season, the finale promised to be nothing short of spectacular.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"

This is where we warn you to turn back now if you haven't watched the episode, because we WILL go into details.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"

The episode goes right into it, the Unsullied army led by Grey Worm arrives at the walls of King's Landing. The Dothraki Khalasar rides up too, weaving in and out of the perfect battle formation.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"
Bronn and Jaime talk about cocks.

Jaime and Bronn walk the battlements together, talking about a man's motivation to fight. "It all comes down to cocks, I guess."  A theme which continues throughout the episode.  Right down to Theon's Rocky-esque fight on the beach, where his lack of equipment comes to his advantage.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"
Jon and Tyrion speak to Cersei and Jaime.

Jon, Tyrion, and the rest of the Dragon Queen's retinue arrive in Kings Landing for the peace talks with Cersei and her side.  The setting happens to be the Dragonpit, "neutral ground" chosen no doubt for the various implications it could have.  Littered (still) with bones and skulls of the last Targaryen dragons, the talks begin.  The Hound brings forth the crate containing the White Walker (or Other, or whatever else you want to call the Zombie guy from beyond the wall, as they are called both by dwellers in Westeros).  Jon demonstrates the damage fire can do, and also how to end one with dragonglass THAT STILL DOESN'T SHATTER.

Cersei says she'll pull her troops back if The King in the North were to bend the knee to her, but good ol' boy scout Jon admits he already has bent the knee for a Queen, and her name ain't Cersei. She gets up in a huff, and for whatever reason, the writers thought it was a good idea for Cersei to leave the talks and have a scene in her rooms with Tyrion.  The two level with each other as only they can, and both leave the room alive.  Returning after this brief familiar exchange, Cersei returns to the dragonpit and vows to send her troops north to help fight the undead.

After the manufactured tension of the peace talks, the real action on a personal level happens at Winterfell.  Littlefinger tried his damnedest to turn Arya against Sansa, and for a time, it sure looked like he had succeeded. Until the audience in the Great Hall. The pack survives mentality tales hold, and Sansa brings charges of murder and treachery against Littlefinger. Arya circles him, Bran shocks him, and Sansa throws everything back at him.  Arya truly becomes her father's daughter, swinging the sword (or in this case, Littlefinger's own dragonbone dagger.)

Sam and Bran have a chat, going over the true parentage of Jon. Bran spills all the details about Jon not really being a "Snow" but a "Sand" because he was born in Dorne.  But then Sam pipes up and reveals what Gilly found (oddly enough NOT saying that Gilly found it), about Jon being legitimate.  He asks Bran if it's something he could 'see', and Bran does just that.

We get to see the wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna, their simple ceremony, the High Septon tying the ribbon around their wrists.  We ALSO get to know what Lyanna whispered to Ned in her bed of blood.  She told Ned what Jon's real name is, and it just happens to be Ageon.  Aegon Targaryen, another bloody Aegon the conqueror. "We must tell Jon, he must know."

And at the same time that reveal is happening, Jon and Dany get together. And by get together, we mean they nakedly get together.  Two dragons left, and also two dragons left.

But the end of the episode is what we've all been waiting for, right? Beric and Tormond at Eastwatch. Shaka. When the Wall fell because the Night King is riding on his blue eyes wight dragon Viseron who shoots blue freaking fire.  A large portion of The Wall collapses, and the undead horde is able to pass through. Hopefully our favorite wilding makes it out alive, after all he has giant world conquering babies to have with Brienne.

Production for the 8th season of Game of Thrones is theoretically going to start sometime in October of 2017.  But, we probably will be waiting close to 2 years for that final season to hit HBO.

Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e7, "The Dragon And The Wolf"

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