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HouseBroken Season 1 Finale Review:
A fun part of this season finale of HouseBroken is the more equal mix between serious storytelling moments and good comedic dialogue alongside the animation Based on this second part to the season finale, this series ( Bleeding Cool TV on Instagram: For all of the stuff too random and bizarre to make the site, make sure[...]
superman & lois
In fact, before we head into a look at what's in store for the penultimate episode "The Eradicator", we have a look at the season finale poster for The CW's Superman & Lois that focuses on family and a really bad sign for the planet as we know it. Superman & Lois (Photo: Nino Muñoz/The CW[...]
the flash
Before we get to the festivities shown in the preview images that were released earlier, this week's seventh season finale of The CW's The Flash still has the very pressing matter of the "Godspeed War" to contend with- which means all speedsters on deck But even with Iris (Candice Patton), Bart (Jordan Fisher), Nora (Jessica Parker[...]
The Flash
Don't be fooled by the preview images you're about to see for this week's seventh season finale of The CW's The Flash Before there's any time to celebrate, there's the matter of the "Godspeed War" that needs to be addressed And even with Iris (Candice Patton), Bart (Jordan Fisher), Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Jay (John[...]
Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Images Feel A Little Too Final
It's hard to believe that we've come to the end of the sixth season of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead– and it's even harder to believe that we're heading into season finale "The Beginning" knowing that there's a missile with ten warheads that's about to rain down on our folks (check out our review here)[...]
legends of tomorrow
Even better, this week also marks the start of filming on the season finale- and thanks to EP Keto Shimizu, we have some episode intel to share The 15th and final episode of the season is called "The Fungus Amongus," directed by David Geddes and written by Shimizu and James Eagan. Photo: The CW — © 2021[...]
(SPOILERS) Inside The Walking Dead Season 10: How the Battles of Season 10 Prepare the Survivors
To mark the occasion, the fine folks at the network and Skybound are offering up a video that can best be described as an entertaining blend of reaction video and Inception, with two scoops of meta thrown it for taste. (SPOILERS) Inside The Walking Dead Season 10: How the Battles of Season 10 Prepare the Survivors So[...]
The Boys Season 2 finale is this week! (Image: Amazon Prime)
Heading into this weekend's season finale of Amazon Prime's The Boys, things have gotten explosively bloody, with Homelander (Antony Starr) and Stormfront (Aya Cash) now having their little "nuclear (bomb) family" together… but an unstable Homelander appears to be unraveling even further (if that's possible) Meanwhile, Butcher (Karl Urban) seems pretty chipper like he's a[...]
Maggie returns to The Walking Dead (Image: AMC).
But before we get to any of that, we have a 10th season finale to get through in a few weeks (more on that below)- and with it brings the return of Lauren Cohan's Maggie We're hoping she's bringing the Commonwealth calvary with her, considering what Beta's (Ryan Hurst) been up to. Maggie returns to The[...]
killing eve
While fans of BBC America and AMC's Killing Eve already know they have a fourth season to look forward to, it's still hard to believe that we've burned through seven episodes of this season and now find ourselves staring down season finale "Are You Leading or Am I?" So heading into the final chapter for[...]
Malcolm Has A Dream He's In Prison | Season 1 Ep. 20 | PRODIGAL SON
Bracing myself after all of the pre-season finale hype for FOX's Prodigal Son, "Like Father…" did not disappoint and lived up to the promises Granted, now we know the episode could end its title with "Like Daughter" but that would just give it away Malcolm (Tom Payne) gets a chance to redeem his eight-year-old self[...]
Jimmy's looking for answers on Better Call Saul, courtesy of AMC.
Now what? With season finale "Something Unforgivable," Kim is looking to pro bono cases as she and Jimmy begin looking to the future Unfortunately, we're not sure the concept of a "future" is in Nacho's (Michael Mando) future after Lalo invites him down to Mexico, as you're about to see in the following preview images[...]